Due to a variety of factors we have decided to call time on our relationship with Exact Editions who have been providing the platform for the digital version of the fanzine for a number of years. This is in no way a reflection upon Exact Editions who we have found to be an excellent company to deal with – friendly, efficient, competent and very fair. This is all about us and what we where we want to go next with the fanzine.

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For online subscribers Exact Editions are happy to extend access to the 30+ issues of back copies of the fanzine that are tf121_review_ipadavailable online now. However, for those that wish to have a refund, they should contact Exact Editions and that will be arranged. Exact Editions have committed to keep the App running so its subscribers choice if they wish to let their subscription run down with access to back issues or ask for a refund on account of new issues not being published via that company.

We are happy that Exact Editions will honour any refunds from their end.

For those who have subscribed via Apple we suggest you contact them and request a refund via the usual channels.

We don’t hold any monies at this end to make refunds. That is all done via Exact Editions and Apple.


Okay, what does it mean. Firstly, it doesn’t mean we are scrapping the fanzine but it does mean we are going to it a different way and we are going to offer it now absolutely FREE of charge. We aren’t losing anything, in fact the opposite is true. We hope to retain all of the long-standing writers we have but we really do want to add new ones as well.

Its been a quiet ambition of ours for sometime to be able to deliver all of our content to our readers completely FREE and now we think we have a model to do that. So, that’s what we are gong to do.

That means in future, true faith will provide you with a FREE website, FREE Podcasts, FREE Video-Blogs, FREE Match-tf121_supermac_ipadday e-Newsletters (The Special) and now a FREE Fanzine which will be in the digital format. We are looking at something else with the fanzine but we’re keeping that under wraps at the moment. We know a lot of you will like what we might have in the pipeline. Fingers crossed that comes off.

Our fundamental ambition is to provide a modern fanzine for the modern Newcastle United supporter. Every phase of the fanzine story has led to improvements in how fans provide a platform to express their opinions on how their club is run and at United we’ve had a fine tradition of doing that which we are conceited enough to believe we’ve played a big part in and we want to continue doing that.

We are now in a really new era for media in general and to stay relevant we have to stay ahead of the curve. We don’t want to be a fossilised part of fan culture with a tedious sense of worthiness but we do want to stay up to date with how the world is changing and how supporters are changing with it.

Is this all a little vague?


It might be, but what it means is we need more writers now more than ever. So, if you are interested in writing for true faith – blogs, The Special, the fanzine, appearing on Podcasts, Video-Blogs etc please just drop us a line on editor@https://true-faith.co.uk and mark in the title – TRUE FAITH


That’s all for now.