Jetting off to warmer climes soon for your summer jollies?Beerbelly

Looking for some reading material to take with you?

Well, nothing could be better than taking a massive stash of true faith with you and with the new true faith DIGITAL subscription we’re only too happy to let you know that reading true faith on an i-pad, tablet or any other mobile device is absolutely ideal for those long waits in Departures, boring flights and of course pool-side with a nice bottle of something cold alongside you.

Its £17.99 for an annual subscription and £5.99 for a recurring quarterly submission.

With every subscription you will get:

immediate access to the new true faith SUMMER SPECIAL (TF112) which is 169 pages of Newcastle United and football related coverage. This is the biggest fanzine EVER to have been published in the UK. EVER.

You will also get access to an archive of 3o back issues and all at no extra cost. Each copy in that back-catalogue is 654-pages in length, minimum.

Obviously you will also get access to the minimum of eight issues we will publish over the next 12 months. Each one of those issues will be a minimum of 100 pages in length. This will make us the largest club fanzine in the UK.

All you have to to get signed up for true faith is to follow the link here and almost instantly, you will be on your way to joining our growing band of handsome and intelligent readers.

The costs of subscription is exactly the same no matter where you are in the world.