On behalf of everyone who contributes to true faith may I wish all of our readers, listeners and Newcastle United supporters all the very best for 2016. We wish all Newcastle United supporters, peace, prosperity and good health for them and their families in the year ahead.

I don’t think its unduly negative to predict 2016 is hardly going to be a year when we expect great things of our football club (if it can be so described). The squad isn’t fit for purpose (which in these days of reduced ambitions includes remaining in the Premier League), the head coach has added nothing to the sum total of happiness around our club and the operating model the club works to in terms of recruitment and everything else is akin to riding a bike with a buckled wheel.

So, its all very well McClaren to hope opening a new calendar will see a turnaround in our fortunes but those of us singularly convinced the club is rotten to its very core will take some considering to the contrary.

McClaren might try and convince us there is something happening that we can’t see or understand that is positive but after half a season when boasting the players are actually trying now represents a major step forward, I think that kind of puts into perspective where we are right now as a football club.

We’ve had almost nine years now of Ashley who has previously bewildered me whether he is a fool or a knave  but now I think he’s a hybrid of the two.

How I wish this new year will be his last at Newcastle United and we can put into the hands of those who will nurture, value and respect our beloved institution.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …