So, the inevitable has come to pass and our captain Fabricio Colocinni has left the club by mutual consent. This brings to an end an unhappy final year for a player who on his day is one of the best central defenders many of us have witnessed at United.

Its obvious Colo stayed a season too long and probably too much was asked of him in being captain. Behind the scenes I’ve little doubt Colo was an influential personality but that was not translated onto the pitch on too many occasions.

But I read Colo’s letter – here – and felt, fair play to him. Having his children on the other side of the world can’t have been brilliant for him and for me now is the time to wish him and his family all of the very best.

Recently we had a very well-written blog by Robert Bowen detailing Colo and you can get at it here

This is a good development however for Rafa. The manager now has a clear run at appointing his own captain and forging a strong bond between the dug-out and the pitch. Colo is rumoured to have been the best paid-player on the books so it will give the manager some wriggle-room in bringing in replacements and that is what will need to happen now.

Onwards and upwards.