So, it is looking incredibly likely that Alan Pardew is out of Newcastle United FC. As I type Pardewxthis up it seems as though Palace and United are in talks about the compensation. As ever Ashley now has Pardew over a barrel as with his intentions now known that he wants to do the off, his position as Newcastle United manager is untenable.

So then, what do you think of all of this?

Are you happy or sad Pardew has gone?

Do you think he has been poorly treated?

Do you believe he has bullshitted us for four years?

How do you think it reflects on Ashley that his manager has taken the first serious offer to come his way and that he has moved down several levels to manage Crystal Palace? What does that say about the working environment for the Newc astle United manager under Mike Ashley?

What are your hope and dreams for Pardew’s successor?

What kind of manager do you want? What kind of manager do you think we’ll get?

Who do you want to get the job and who do you not want to get the job?

Let’s have all of your thoughts in the comments boxes below.