FRIENDS ALWAYS SHARE – Sharing anything with your friends is a joy but especiallyGirl1 joyful for me when its music. I am blessed to have many friends, who I’ve met through different routes. One thing that they all know about me is that I have an immense love of music.  I however get so excited when I’m able to tell them about something new or rediscovered that I’ve found, but unfortunately this is rare. Those buggers have so much more time than me. Hehe! The good thing is that not all their music tastes are the same, a very eclectic mix of human beings I have as friends and we don’t always agree on stuff either.

When I was a kid we used to share records, mainly because we couldn’t afford to buy that many.  We would spend our nights deciding on what we would be buying that weekend when we went into town. My Saturdays comprised of records, badges (Handyside Arcade), The Smash Hits, gravy and chips. I know I’ve always been very cosmopolitan!  Thankfully for us kids with not much money, along came cassettes and you were able to tape your mate’s records, may I add quite badly. I would love to hear one of those recording’s now, bet they were awful haha!  My mate Vicki’s dad lived in America and I remember when she came back from a summer trip with a Walkman, he had bought her. Now there was a piece of technology. We were all so in awe of her and it.

It was years later before I got one and I mean years. My oldest nephew found a photo of me and him on the sands at Cullercoats. Both in buttoned up Fred Perry’s and Walkman’s on, trying to look as if we aren’t with the rest of the family. What a pair haha! We even shared one Walkman between us for over a year. Nowadays we have all manner of ways to share music, Soundcloud, Mixloud, Podomatic the list goes on but one thing’s still stands, music is to share.

So here’s some shares from friends that I’m passing on to my new friends (that’s you lot) yeah even you. Enjoy…………


Joshua Tillman also known as J. Tillman or Father John Misty born in 1981 is an girl2American folk singer-songwriter, guitarist, and drummer. Maintaining a steady output of solo recordings since 2004, Tillman is a former member of indie rock bands Saxon Shore and Fleet Foxes and has toured extensively with Pacific Northwest artists Damien Jurado, Jesse Sykes, and David Bazan.

Tillman grew up in an Evangelical Christian household in Maryland, Washington DC. Before Tillman discovered that he wanted to be a singer-songwriter he had ambitions of being a pastor because it was the closest thing he knew to being a performer on stage. Tillman was raised in a Baptist church and attended an Episcopal elementary school, but by fifth grade he found himself enrolled in a Pentecostal Messianic Jewish day school. Tillman said he was naive when he was growing up because there was almost no cultural influence and no secular music allowed. Around the age of 17, there were new stipulations from his parents – he was allowed to listen to secular music that had a “spiritual theme”. So his early purchases included albums like Bob Dylan’slow Train Coming as he was able to establish that Dylan was classified as a “Christian artist”

In 2011, Tillman left Fleet Foxes to concentrate on his many solo projects, adopting the pseudonym Father John Misty. In 2015 Tillman issued a second studio album under the moniker, the caustically funny and surprisingly sweet I Love You, Honeybear.

I was interested to hear this album as it seems to be everywhere I look at the minute. I was surprised that 2 friends that I would say know a lot about music and value their opinions and recommendations actually detest it. After numerous plays they still don’t like it. They love the artist but not this album. I quite like this track and on first hearing the album thought it was ok, however I haven’t heard anything from him prior to this. What I do know from watching clips of interviews and reading about J Tillman, is that he is a very eccentric man, see what you think.


Constant Bop is the debut album from Bop English, the recording name of White Denim Girl3frontman James Petralli. It was released on the 4th April and described as a “rich and diverse record that’s teeming with pop classicism and zippy rock ‘n’ roll, it’s all there, and it’s all distinctly James Petralli”.  I don’t know anything about James Petralli but this album was recommended by a friend who knows what I like and claims “Meg you’ll love this”!! Well I love this track for starters.


Londoner Paul Orwell, has been embarking on his journey back to 1964, has just unveiled Girl4his brand new video for the storming track ‘Tell Me Tell Me’, exclusively premiered on Fred Perry Subculture. ‘Tell Me Tell Me’ includes Paul’s trademark vintage sounds with panoramic overtones and beat riffs. The video was filmed in a retro hair salon although I don’t think he got that hair cut?

I heard Paul’s music for the first time on Sunday night, on an online radio show I listen to. I loved this track straight away. It has a very vintage 60’s sound and well I like that sound.

Paul’s music on Soundcloud: Click here

Tune into Fusion on air Sunday night from 8.30pm to hear some really good music.

Click here


Edward Lee Morgan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1938.  A leading trumpeterGirl5 and composer, he recorded prolifically from 1956 until a day before his death in February 1972. Originally interested in the vibraphone, he soon showed a growing enthusiasm for the trumpet. Morgan also knew how to play the alto saxophone. On his thirteenth birthday, his sister Ernestine gave him his first trumpet. His primary stylistic influence was Clifford Brown, who gave the teenager a few lessons before he joined the Dizzy Gillespie Big Band at 18, and remained a member for a year and a half, until the economic situation forced Dizzy to disband the unit in 1958. He began recording for Blue Note Records in 1956, eventually recording 25 albums as a leader for the company, with more than 250 musicians. He recorded The Sidewinder in 1963, which became his greatest commercial success. The title track cracked the pop charts in 1964, and served as the background theme for Chrysler television commercials during the World Series. The tune was used without Morgan’s or Blue Note’s consent, and intercession by the label’s lawyers led to the commercial being withdrawn.[citation needed] Due to the crossover success of “The Sidewinder” in a rapidly changing pop music market, Blue Note encouraged its other artists to emulate the tune’s “boogaloo” beat. According to drummer Billy Hart, Morgan said he had recorded “The Sidewinder” as filler for the album, and was bemused that it had turned into his biggest hit. Morgan was killed in the early hours of February 19, 1972, at Slug’s Saloon, a jazz club in New York City’s East Village where his band was performing by his estranged wife.

I like Jazz music and would really like to listen to it more and more, but unfortunately I haven’t the foggiest about this genre of music. A friend of mine recommended this album said it was one that she kept going back to. I have to say its good and I’m enjoying it although a complete Jazz novice.



Rocky Votolato born 1977 in Dallas, Texas, is an American singer-songwriter. He was Girl7raised in a small town called Frost, roughly 50 miles south of Dallas, until the age of 13. After his parents were divorced, his mother remarried and moved the family to the Pacific Northwest in 1991. Alienated by his southern roots, the isolation led him to focus all of his attention on learning to play guitar and writing songs. Inspired by seeing many punk shows, he started several different musical projects while in high school. Over the course of the last 15 years, Rocky Votolato has produced some of the most powerful music to come out of Seattle, impressive lyrical song writing, and delivered in a unique indie-folk-punk style that has evolved out of the Pacific Northwest music scene he was raised in.  He has matured over the course of seven increasingly accomplished solo albums.

Rocky was quotes in saying “this isn’t just another album, the new full length, Hospital Handshakes, will mark a turning point in my career”. It’s the end result of a tumultuous transition that began with the songwriter second-guessing his gift and even considering retiring from music. Hospital Handshakes was released a few days ago and I recommend you give it a listen.



My mate sent me a link for Mixcloud titled ‘The Best Northern Soul Night You Never WentGirl8To’ and what a corker of a mix. With an impressive 100 tracks, it has all the Wigan favourites. Enjoyed every minute and this was a choooooon, I had forgotten about. I do love a rediscovery. This single vinyl apparently goes for around the £1200 mark and is classed as ‘ultra rare’, crazy isn’t it.  So clear the kitchen, shake out that talc and let’s see your moves……..

I follow a lovely bloke on Instagram who posts great album reviews. He’s very informative and knows his stuff. I have enjoyed quite a few of his recommendations. Anyway he’s is in a band called Buffalo Canyon and I heard them for the first time today. I loved it, so I thought I would share it with you all.

Link to their Soundcloud profile: Click here

I leave you with an old favourite of mine and a friends, they have been very kind to me this week. It’s the timeless Steve Marriot and it was the 20year anniversary of his death this week. His legacy great music, thanks Steve and thanks mate X

Keep On, Keepin’ On …