I quite often get into what I call a music rut. Rut is maybe the wrong word because Lugslistening to any music is good if you’re enjoying it.  I have long spells of listening to the same stuff over and over, driving my family mad.  Don’t get me wrong you like what you like but sometimes it’s good to just make an effort to embrace something new.  When I say new I don’t necessarily mean newly released, I mean new to your ears.

I was recently sent an album from a friend, a band that I have never heard of. He was stunned that I didn’t know of their existence, “where have you been”? he joked.  So much music and, not nearly enough hours in the day to listen to it.  Makes me happy/sad at the same time. Happy, that it will never end and sad that I may miss something, extraordinary.

My fellow music loving friends will ask, “what you listening to at the minute, anything CharlieBrownnew”? So I thought I would turn the tables and ask them what they are listening to and did they have any recommendations for me.  Everyone loves sharing what makes them happy.

It’s good to open your ears to new music.  As someone so eloquently put it recently don’t let your ‘LUGS GET JADED’.

Here are 5 tracks that I’ve picked out from what they fed back. Hope you like them, I do…..


The Allah Las are described as a ‘rock band’. They formed in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. They released their first self-titled album in Sept 2012. Just last week they released their 2nd album ‘Worship The Sun’. They have a very 60s sound and some of their tracks remind me of The Kinks. They are performing at Liverpool Psych Fest 26th-27th Sept 2014.

I was having a rather naff day and my friend asked what was up? ‘Tell me what’s on your mind’ and then proceded to send me the link for this song, this bit of Californian dreaming cheered me up and also introduced me to this band.  Love this track and the rest of their first album. I await the delivery of their newly released album, howay man postie show yourself.


I had the pleasure of seeing Smoove and Turrell live when they were supporting Martha Reeves at a recent gig.  A friend, I have to admit has been telling me about them for like forever and I just kept forgetting to check them out.  I’m mad with myself now, they were great. They’re local lads and no I’m not being biased they really are GREAT. Their music has been described as ‘Northern Funk’ however you describe it, it has lots of soul. They have released 3 albums Antique Soul 2009, Eccentric Audio 2011 and Broken Toys May 2014.  I will most definitely be catching them live again as soon as I can. CLASS!

I love this track and this video, it really has a Northern Soul vibe. Taken from their first album ‘Antique Soul’.  I asked a non-Geordie to check it out for me, wondering if maybe I am a little biased. He loved the track but said the video was very corny!!! Well he can just bugger off can’t he! Bloody Southerners!

Does anyone think he will notice if I add this on as well? I love it.


Exit Calm are a four piece Indie band from Barnsley, they’ve had two albums Exit Calm 2010 and The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be 2013.  They toured extensively and released singles during 2008, however  didn’t release their first album until 2010 and then went into what has been described as a self-imposed exile. They are touring again and actually on at Think Tank, Riverside Wed 17th Sept 2014.

A friend on Twitter posted this song. We both share an enormous passion for ‘The Verve’ and to be honest Exit Calm have a similar sound, haunting music plus some great gravelly vocals.  He loves it and knew I would too. This track wasn’t released as a single, it’s from their first album and it’s what I call ‘brooding music’, oh I love it.


The War On Drugs are an American indie band from Philadelphia. Formed in 2005 they have had three albums, Wagon wheel Blues 2008, Slave Ambient 2011 and Lost In The Dream March 2014. Adam Granduciel the frontman, guitarist, songwriter and producer spent a gruelling, year-long recording process to produce Lost In The Dream. Though Granduciel involved his touring band more so than any previous War on Drugs records, his perfectionist tendencies still held, resulting in endless cycles of recording, revising, and scrapping. But the obsessiveness and insecurity pay off massively on Lost In The Dream.

This album is on a host of ‘Albums you must buy/hear in 2014’ lists. And I have to say the first track Under The Pressure is my favourite. Sad words and dreamy intro, it wasn’t a surprise to learn the album was made in a time of depression for Granduciel, following a relationship breakup. Sad music makes the best music, they say.


Swedish sisters Joanna (21) and Klara (24) Soderberg  better known as First Aid Kit. Described as an indie, folk, psychedelic pop sound. They shot to internet fame uploading videos of themselves performing to Myspace. They have released three albums The Big Black and The Blue 2010, The Lions Roar 2012 and most recently Stay Gold June 2014. They will be live on the BBC ‘6 music live show’, on the 7th October at Maida Vale Studios. Apparently these girls are amazing live, I look forward to hearing them.

I instantly loved this track with its beautiful harmonies and melody. I listened to this album over and over again on holiday.   You see I can’t help myself! The lyrics remind me of my struggle, as a fan of my beloved Newcastle United. Listen to the words ‘show me my silver lining, try to keep on keeping on’! *SIGH*


Before this ‘International Women of Mystery’ disappears back into the night, I would like MysteryLadyto say thank you for the nice comments and well wishes on my first week, chuffed.








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