This coming season sees true faith start its fourteenth successive season of publication. tf_112_cover2014/15 will be different because we have made the move from hard-copy to DIGITAL format.

By making the switch, we are part of a wider trend in publishing and the fanzine movement more generally to embrace the technology of the new DIGITAL age to preserve fanzine culture and develop it even further.

We really will be bigger, better, faster and cheaper.

This coming season will see true faith publish ten issues per season. Last season we did eight.

This coming season each of our issues will be 100 pages. Last season our issues were 64-pages.

Some of our subscription charges last season were as much as £72 for 10 issues. This season our subscription charges are at a flat rate of £17.99 (annual) or £5.99 (quarterly).

For readers outside of the North East the bonus is no delays in the post with everyone getting access to new issues on the exact day they are published.

For budding fanzine scribblers we are now offering more opportunities to get your views and work published in one of the best known, best selling and most widely read and respected fanzines in the country.

For the last three years true faith has made it to a short-list of six of the best fanzines in the country in the Football Supporters Fanzine Writers Awards.

We believe we are at the start of an exciting phase in the development of fanzine culture in the UK. Every time we look up a well-established fanzine has made the conversion from hard-copy to DIGITAL. It is undoubtedly the direction of travel and will grow and grow over coming years.

We would like to be the pioneers of this new format and we believe our first fully DIGITAL issue – our current SUMMER SPECIAL shows us great promise as we preserve everything you told us you loved about our much-loved hard copy fanzine but make new additions as the technology allows us. We passionately believe that over the next 2-3 years, what readers come to know about fanzines, what they do, what they are and how we enjoy them will be radically transformed by the available technology.

More and more fans get their football coverage via online channels – PCs, lap-tops, smart-phones. i-phones, tablets and i-pads and it is incumbent upon us as keepers of the fanzine flame to position true faith for this future and make sure, we supporters have a fanzine which is traditional but modern.

We have had a brilliant response to the move to DIGITAL over the summer. We are way ahead of where we thought we would be in terms of new subscribers and the feedback from the first mega-issue (169 pages) has been really encouraging.

We will bring you a new style fanzine, true to the original ethos with great writing that informs and entertains. We will also publish pieces digging deep into the undergrowth of Newcastle United and give you angles on how the club operates that you will not get anywhere else.

We want to provide a fanzine which is the curator of our own unique culture following our beloved Newcastle United FC and the game more generally.

We have big plans to develop what we do through new channels but they are likely 12 months away. We need to generate an income in order to fund some of the things we would like to do in order to provide a better fanzine style service to you for many years to come.

To do that we need you to sign up and give us your support as we move into the new season and a new DIGITAL era.

It would be brilliant if you would sign up now and get ready for our first issue of the season being published in the week before the season starts. We will have more information soon out what is in the new issue but we promise you it is rammed with the stuff you loved over the years as we did the hard-copy version but much more besides.

To sign up for true faith, just click HERE.


Thanks for all the support you have given us down the years and hopefully for what you will give us in future.


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