We’d like to point out the following from the Gallowgate Flags Twitter account (5/Jun/17):

Gallowgate Flags isn’t raising funds for a Cheick Tiote Flag. His tragic death earlier today has shocked everyone in football. 

Any tribute would wait until the start of the season. We would not raise funds publicly – as we didn’t with the Pavel Srnicek flag

We have not been contacted about funding for a Tiote flag and would not have agreed to produce any flag at this early stage

If fans wish to raise money for a flag – please be aware this has nothing to do with Gallowgate Flags. At all. RIP Cheick Tiote


Efforts to raise money for a Tiote flag were not agreed with Gallowgate Flags before fund-raising began though their name featured within publicity promoting it. That might be construed as misleading or worse. Contacts were made to Gallowgate Flags querying whether this was a fund-raiser supported by them. It was not and those people were informed as such. Some had donated believing it was. The organiser of the fund-raising contacted Gallowgate Flags hours after it had begun and was informed as above. It should be noted references to Gallowgate Flags from the fund-raising were later removed and I understand it donations returned to supporters.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who wishes to work alongside Gallowgate Flags to help raise monies etc should contact them beforehand before launching any projects etc. That seems common courtesy but also essential to avoid reasonable suspicion and confusion. No Police were contacted regarding this matter.

Obviously the main thing here is to express real sadness at the passing of Cheick at a tragically young age and offer condolences to his friends and family. It has been gratifying to hear so many of Cheick’s former team-mates and managers as well as rival clubs express so much sadness for our ex-player.

Cheick Tiote – Rest In Peace.