The new issue of true faith (tf115) is now available for subscribers and as ever we are tf_112_covergetting brilliant feedback from readers regarding the content. That’s much appreciated and really encouraging.

In order to promote the fanzine to potential subscribers we are making available for FREE, the SUMMER SPECIAL (tf112), which was the very first issue we brought out in exclusively digital format, back in the summer.

This issue was something of an extravaganza to get the ball rolling but is a pretty good representation of what the fanzine is about and where its heading these days since we made the switch from hard-copy to digital. Basically, loads more content, more opportunities for writers and a better service for a better price.

Every issue of the fanzine is at least 100 pages in size but frequently more. We will be bringing out 10 issues per season and your subscription will cover 10 subsequent issues of the fanzine.

An annual subscription is £17.99 but you can elect for a £5.99 recurring quarterly option if that suits you better.

The price of the subscription is the same no matter where you are in the world and the service is exactly the same as well. As soon as you take out a subscription, access is instant.

No matter which subscription you take, you will also get access to at least 30 back copies of the fanzine in our archive and that includes every issue we have published so far this season.

To get access to the FREE sample copy, just click here. 

To take out a subscription, just click here


Something we are knocking out at NIL cost however is the true faith : SATURDAY breezi_placeit-8SPECIAL. This is our fanzine within a fanzine and is a series of small morsels for you to read on the day of a game and hopefully provide a replacement for the bits you used to dig into the fanzine on match-days. Except you don’t have to go looking for The Special, it comes straight to you and its ideal to read on a smart-phone en-route to a game, home or away, sitting on the bus, train, back of a car, in the pub or at the match. Its also pretty damned good on a PC, lap-top, i-pad, tablet or whatever else. Its especially good on a smart-phone though and our vision thing is for it to provide an alternative to the programme on match-days with something that doesn’t insult your intelligence with its blandness.

We have extended The Special this season to include additional writers to provide a good read which we hope meets our objectives of entertaining and informing you.

All you need to do to sign up for The Special is click here.

It is absolutely and completely FREE of charge.

That is all.