true faith is now a fully DIGITAL fanzine. It is written and designed by lifelong supporterstf112_cover_ipad of Newcastle United FC. People just like you.

Its overwhelmingly about Newcastle United but also includes features from supporters in far flung corners of the world who find their football fix in different ways to how they did back home on Barrack Road. We also cover a bit non-league football. We have some features about music, film, fashion and football politics.

true faith has been established as a Newcastle United fanzine since 1999. We did 111 issues in paper-back before switching to DIGITAL.

For the last three years true faith has made it to a short-list of six for the Football Supporters Federation’s Fanzine of the Year awards.

true faith is one of the most widely read, best-selling and respected club fanzines in the country.

Issues of true faith can be read on PCs, lap-tops, i-pads, tablets, smart-phones and God knows what else.

Next season we will be publishing 10 issues of true faith. The first issue of the new season will be available from 8/Aug/14.

Each issue will have a minimum of 100 pages.

Subscriptions will get you full access to the next 10 issues but also the current summer special.

Each subscription will allow you access to a back-catalogue of 30 previous issues of true faith.

An annual subscription of true faith will cost £17.99. You can sign up with a quarterly recurring subscription of £5.99.

The cost is the same no matter where you are in the world. There are no postage costs obviously.

Everyone gets access to the newest editions of true faith at exactly the same time. There are no postal delays.

You are absolutely guaranteed to get your copy of true faith. There will be no wasted journeys to the newsagent, no lost copies left on the Metro, none nicked by your mates, none getting beer or coffee all over them.

When signing up, you will get access to the current issue (SUMMER SPECIAL) and the back catalogue absolutely immediately.

All you need to do to get access is sign up here.