Ahead of our trip up the Seven Sisters Road and White Hart Lane in Norf Landaahn this Sunday coming, we caught up with Spurs lad and die-hard, yer man, Bloggsy to chew the fat over his thoughts on Tottenham, Newcastle United, a few other bits and bobs and the game this weekend. Eyes down …

TF: How’s the season been for you so far? YidArmy

Spurs Bloggsy: For me its a waiting , patience thing, will take time for the new players to settle in, so not overly impressed but know we will get better.

TF:  Was it seen as a good move to flog Bale to Real Madrid and re-invest the money into the squad?

Spurs Bloggsy:  No one wanted him to go.. but £86m for a single player, phew av some of that. The players we have signed have strengthened the squad massively. So thanks Gareth.

TF:  What’s the target for Spurs this season?

Spurs Bloggsy:  Target has to be top four, for me a good run in the Europa cup would be nice.

TF: AVB – the Matalan Mourinho or the real deal?

Spurs Bloggsy:  I’m a massive fan of AVB, just give him time.

TF:  How did Spurs fans feel about AVB’s criticism of the White Hart Lane atmosphere?

Spurs Bloggsy: You know what it can be like, you know you should be winning but its not happening, you can’t get yourself going. Luckily against Hull the ref had a stinker.

TF: Where are your strengths and weaknesses as a team?

Spurs Bloggsy: We finally have a keeper and defenders that look strong, midfield is mobile and skill full, but upfront although I like Saldado we are just not creating clear chances for him. Vertonghen best player I’ve seen for a while, shame our Lord Ledley king not playing anymore. Kyle Walker does me nut in, had good season, now believes the hype, gotta get his act together.

TF: If you were AVB, what would your team-talk be ahead of playing Newcastle United?

Spurs Bloggsy: If I was AVB I’d say something like, you know them Frenchies they don’t like it up em, and if it wasn’t for the English they’d be Krauts!

TF: Tell us about your perception of the London club rivalries. Obviously, Arsenal-Chelsea is the big one but where do Spurs fit in?

Spurs Bloggsy:  Arsenal and who, mate speak to any of them they all hate us, London is about Tottenham v whoever,

TF: What’s your position on the Great Yid Debate?

Spurs Bloggsy: All season ticket holders had a questionnaire about it, leave it to the yids at the club to decide.

TF: What’s the background to Tottenham’s identity as a Jewish club?

Spurs Bloggsy: In between Tottenham and Arsenal is a place called Stamford hill bit like you have in Gateshead a large orthodox Jew area, most have moved north to Golders Green Arsenal probably have a bigger Jewish following than us, but we have the tag, we don’t give a toss to be honest

TF: Where are Spurs currently in moving away from White Hart Lane?

Spurs Bloggsy: The new ground is under way just 100 yards from the present site, so hopefully in 3 years I will be able to sit with all four of my sons, rather than in 3 different locations.

TF: What’s your perception of Newcastle United – Ashley, Kinnear, Pardew and the team?

Spurs Bloggsy: How that Ashley manages to stay in charge of your club I don’t know, the man is ripping the heart out of it, JFK does what it says on the tin nothing for you, I’m not a fan of Pardew as a man, but he’s done well with the current squad you need some new blood but I can’t see Ashley or JFK bringing the players you need.

TF: Where do you Newcastle United’s strengths and weaknesses?

Spurs Bloggsy: Newcastle are such a hit and miss side, you beat Chelsea one week and lose to the Mackems the next, you need a good run of 7 or 8 matches without defeat to build some confidence and attract some new players. With a few injuries like you have now your defence especially centre backs looks weak.

TF: Tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly memories of Newcastle United at White Hart Lane.

Spurs Bloggsy: My earliest memories of Spurs v Newcastle was watching two good mobs fighting all round the terraces from Paxton road, round the Shelf then into the Park Lane was probably late seventies, I’m sure you wore a yellow shirt and blue or green shorts and on the day Spurs won 3 v 0, buying David Ginola off you was a plus as was Gazza and Chris Waddle, always enjoy my weekends in the Toon for our matches (Ed: you forgot Kevin Scott and Ruel Fox).

TF: What’s the independent fanzine scene like around Tottenham these days?

Spurs Bloggsy: Don’t read the fanzines at Spurs these days, Used to be a couple of good one’s years ago they could say what they wanted these days all too liberal.

TF: What’s your prediction for the game this weekend?

Spurs Bloggsy:  We will win 1 v 0 with a dodgy penalty…

Many thanks to Bloggsy for his time. TF_INITIALS_LOGO