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Click here for full Football Supporters Federation statement.

The event has been supported by the Newcastle United Supporters Trust as well as the Football Supporters Federation and for our own part we at true faith have been glad to support it too.

The motivation for the event is in large part a gesture of thanks from Newcastle United supporters to Sunderland fans on account of their excellent response to the sad and tragic deaths of John Alder and Liam Sweeney who were killed aboard Flight MH17 over the Ukraine as they made their way to New Zealand to support our club.

Sunderland fans responded superbly and in the days and weeks that followed the tragedy I’m sure many of us were overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit and wallet shown by fans from Wearside.

Whilst nothing will offer any relief for the numbing loss of John and Liam for their friends and family for the wider support of both clubs it was a reminder that football is not more important than life and death. It was also a great reminder of the true spirit of solidarity in the North East and perhaps shows we have more in common with each other than that which divides us.

The statement from the FSF concerning the derby at St James’ Park next month being an occasion for passion not poison neatly sums up what one of the biggest derby games in Europe should be about.

Its a great idea and should be a great occasion.

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