Yesterday we were contacted by The Sun, which is an alleged newspaper. 

Please see below for their e-mail to us and our response. 

True Faith will have absolutely nothing to do with The Sun and neither will any decent football supporter.
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Don’t contact us again
Michael Martin, Editor, true faith, Newcastle United Fanzine 
——– Original message ——–
From: Daniel Rhodes
Date: 11/04/2017 11:28 (GMT+00:00)
To: editor@,
Cc: “Harper, Rory”>
Hi there,

I’m writing to you from The Sun Football team. We’re currently putting together a series of videos that focus on football fan’s pre-game superstitions – the stranger the better. Lucky pants, the same meal in the same cafe etc… At the moment we’re specifically looking for Newcastle United fans with pre-game rituals.
As a well known NCFC fanzine, I wondered if you, or any of your Newcastle supporting friends have any interesting superstitions you’d like to share?
We’re heading up to Newcastle this Friday (14th April) to start filming fans in the build up to the Leeds game.
The finished videos will be posted on The Sun Football Facebook page which currently has over 3 million likes. It will also be shared on the Talksport website.
If you think you know anyone that could help, or want to know more information,please get in contact. Either via email, or feel free to call me on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Any help would be really appreciated.
Many thanks,
Dan Rhodes