It now appears inevitable that Steve McLaren will be appointed as Head Coach at McLaren1Newcastle United, probably when he gets back from his holidays early next week.

The unfolding development is that McLaren will move into the space previously occupied by Pardew and he will find the same set-up around him both in terms of the coaching team he will inherit as well as the same transfer team and strategy too.

McLaren has previously rejected the United job on two previous occasions but this has not burnt his bridges with Graeme Carr who it seems has as much power at United as Lee Charnley.

The club have at least wisely decided to pass up any option they had of turning John Carver’s time as manager into a more long term arrangement. Le’s be grateful for small mercies.

Charnley and Carr have also decided against an appointment of either Michael Laudrup or Patrick Viera, both men who captured the imagination of the support. Looking in from the outside it very much seems the case that Charnley-Carr wanted someone who would do what Pardew did for them but know his place in the pecking order when it comes to players coming in and going out.

For all that, in his carefully stage-managed TV interview for SKY when he was
interviewed by one of PR guru Keith Bishop’s clients, Mike Ashley did unequivocally commit to a summer of investment and team strengthening. Although some, including me regards McLaren as a disappointing choice of manager and one who says more about what Charnley-Carr want to work with rather than what the club desperately needs, the loosing of the purse strings and a total reshaping of the squad may hint at better times.

What would better times be? Not becoming embroiled in yet another battle against relegation? How high has the bar been set for the new man by the club and what is the strategy to help him achieve goals we can buy into?

In the comments boxes below, we would like you to express your views on what you make of the imminent appointment of McLaren. Are you optimistic at a new era being brought in or do you regard it as more of the same? Is McLaren, Pardew Mk2?

Is the appointment of McLaren a return to more traditional British purchasing of players? Will the transfer strategy of buying cheap abroad and attempting to pitch the club as a stepping stone end? Is this now something different?

What do you think the players will make of the McLaren appointment?

Will he sell season tickets? Will he prevent you from chucking it all in after such an extended period of piss poor management at every level of the club?

Should we just give McLaren a chance? Leave him to get on with it over the summer and make our judgements on how the side goes into the new season?

Please let us have your opinions in the comments below.

That is all.