Deep in the bowels of the tf bunker, pasty faced wretches are currently scuttling hither andiPad thither in a frantic effort to put together the true faith – SUMMER SPECIAL (TF112), which we’ve only mentioned a million times will be the first issue of the fanzine that will come to you 100% in the new exclusively DIGITAL format.

I think all of us involved in bringing you true faith can say hand on heart that this next issue is going to be without question, our very best effort yet. God knows what size it is going to end up because the high quantity and quality of material we have is incredibly good.

In an effort to give the SUMMER SPECIAL something of a special launch and mark the new DIGITAL era we’ve decided to bring it to you on something of a day that is marked in the Geordie calendar, none other than the 9th of June, anniversary of the Blaydon Races and all that.

To get ready for the DIGITAL AGE, you can take out a subscription via our partners, the market leaders in DIGITAL magazines, EXACT EDITIONS, by just clicking here.

All subscriptions allow access to an archive of 30 back issues as well as the current issue, true faith (TF111).

An annual subscription costs £17.99 no matter where you are in the world. A quarterly subscription is a mere £5.99. Obviously the annual subscription works out the cheaper.

The DIGITAL format is brilliant on tablets and i-pads but is similarly top notch on lap-tops and PCs.