Father’s Day is only a few days away but I’m sure many of you are planning on buying thetf_112_cover old man a gift to mark an appreciation of everything he’s done for you.

On the flip side, you might be a Dad yourself and wondering what the bairns might get you.

Well, we have got the perfect present for any Black & White Dad and it comes in the shape of a subscription to Newcastle United Fanzine, true faith, now in full DIGITAL format and ideal on PCs, lap-tops, i-pads, i-phones, smart-phones, tablets, kindles and God knows what else.

No matter where your Dad is ion the world, the price of a subscription is exactly the same. You can get your Dad a subscription to true faith for £17.99 (annual) or a recurring quarterly subscription for just £5.99.

Each subscription will get your Dad immediate access to the brand new true faith SUMMER SPECIAL (TF 112) which at 169 pages is the biggest EVER Newcastle United fanzine EVER to be published. Your Dad will get every issue of true faith we subsequently publish over the period of the subscription you buy. There will be a minimum of eight we publish over the next 12 months.

Not only that, each subscription comes with immediate access to an archive of 30 back issues of true faith and that is at absolutely no extra cost.

Your Dad is guaranteed to get his Father’s Day present by Sunday because as soon as you have signed him up, it will be queued as a Gift for him and its all done and dusted by our partners, the market leading DIGITAL magazine company, EXACT EDITIONS.

A subscription to true faith DIGITAL will last a lot longer than some of the crap presents us Dads routinely get – hankies, socks, after-shave … and this will keep the old codger occupied for a lot longer. Plus it is a real value for money present.

If you are a  Dad reading this wondering if the off-spring will have the gumption to get you the present you would love to get, why take a chance of it not happening when if you drop us their e-mail address we’ll drop them a line with a nice subtle hint. Just let us have their e-mail address at editor@https://true-faith.co.uk

Getting a true faith subscription could not be easier. All you have to do is click here and you will be taken to the sign up pages and after that its just a few minute job to get sorted out.

Click here for full details of a true faith subscription.


Of course, you might not be a Dad, you might just fancy a subscription for yourself and let’s be honest, you deserve one so just click here and the process is much the same.