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We published the latest issue of true faith (TF122) last Sunday. It was our first issue we have been able to let you have completely FREE of charge and it has had an unbelievable response.

In the first 5 days of making TF122 available we had achieved more downloads of the fanzine than we had hoped for over the next six weeks until we’ll bring another one out.

Obviously, the vast majority of downloads of the fanzine have been in the UK as you might expect. Our software doesn’t allow us to drill down to downloads by post-code but we are going to take a mad leap and assume most of those UK downloads occurred in the fair and noble city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and its blessed hinterlands. That said, we’ve been tickled at seeing where we’ve got readers. We do have some work to do in Iran, West Africa and some of the former Soviet Republics but hey, its only a week.

We are now getting down to the serious business of planning future issues of true faith and that’s where you lot come in. cover_tf122_ipad

Of course we are after writers, Mags like you who love Newcastle United and have something to say about the club from Mike Ashley to the tea-lady and everything in between.

We are very keen to include all the ex-pat Mags out there as well. We are really interested in your thoughts on Newcastle United but also the peculiar football fixes and cultures you are living in away from the Tyne Mothership. Michael Bradley has given us his brilliant report from St Paulli in the latest issue and regular readers will know all about John Milton out in Rio and Tony Higgins in Spain, not to mention our long-running Geordies Here, Geordies There features. So, no matter where you are in the world, if you are going to football you can contribute to true faith.

Likewise, if you like to take in a local non-league game here in the NE we’d love to hear all about that as well.

All we ask from our writers is that they are entertaining, informative and entertaining. And stick to the the word limit.

If writing isn’t your thing but you are handy with a camera and have decent photos from the match and the world around it as well as canny video-footage then we’d be interested in including that in the coverage we give to following our club.

We’d be more than interested in hearing from graphic designers, illustrators and other artists who are interested in sharing their talents for our just and righteous cause. Our man Glenn Ashcroft is TF’s main man on the design front but he’s not so precious as give up a few front covers to those who fancy a crack for us.

As ever, the best way to get in touch with us is just to drop me a line on editor@ 

If you’ve missed the fanzine (God knows how, I’ve gone on about nowt else for the last 7 days) just click below.

That is all.