These beauties will be on sale via the true faith shop by the end of next week and we’ll SONY DSChave full details of how to get your hands on them very soon.

They will be on sale via the true faith shop. Just click here to get access.

They are a top quality item, with a retro nod to the early 90s and David Kelly and Co.

They feature the the true faith design based upon the City of Newcastle Upon Tyne crest as worn by Newcastle United when we wanted to win things and occasionally did.

The limited run of the originals will be er, limited, so if you want to be certain to get one you will need to be like shit off a shovel as we expect them to go out the door double-fast-pronto like the badges of a similar design just did this weekend.

so, if you want one, keep your eyes peeled.

We hope to bring you a range of items with the focus strongly upon quality.

That is all.