A week or so you’ll remember we ran a survey regarding the arrival of Jack Colback from Sunderland to Newcastle United. There were around 1000 of you who responded to the survey (which is a really good number in these kinds of things) and now we have the answer to the question. Thanks to Steve Farrell for organising it all for us.

Do you welcome the signing of Jack Colback at Newcastle United?

Yes – 75.7%
No – 24.3%

We were interested gauge the feelings amongst the masses regarding the signing of JackColback Colback from our friends down the road. Interestingly, three quarters of those polled are pretty happy with the addition of Colback to the squad. To me, he’s a solid (if unspectacular) player who will add some depth and variation to the midfield. I could see Tiote, Anita and Colback rotating depending on the opposition. Pardew probably sees him as another left-back.

It’s been a decent start to the summer window, with the World Cup (and crackers chairmen of other clubs) understandably holding other deals up. It’s still vital that we go on to find Cabaye’s replacement as well as someone to come and do what Remy did last year and someone to play alongside him. There’s also a need for a winger or two since Pardew has got an enormous grudge with skilful flair players like Be Arfa and Marveux.

Oh – to live in an ideal world…

Steve Farrell


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