For the avoidance of doubt please note true faith will have its proverbial nose to the tf116_cover_ipadgrindstone in the service of our wonderful public.

We will have issues of THE SPECIAL for the big matches up and coming involving Tottenham (a) in the League Cup as well as The Mackems in the derby and the trip to Man Utd on Boxing Day. We’ll then take a big deep breath and have further issues of THE SPECIAL for you to cover the Everton and Burnley games as well. Then we’ll have another issue of THE SPECIAL for the Leicester game in the FA Cup as well.

We’ll be hoping to get each issue complete with The Little Chat Podcast as well.

I know, I know – we are bleedin’ marvellous to you.

Each issue of THE SPECIAL will contain brand new, fresh and original writing.

It is absolutely FREE of charge.

You won’t have to go looking for it in newsagents, you won’t have to stand in a queue waiting to buy it from our sellers  or any of that palaver. Its designed for your smart-phone and we anticipate it is being read and listened to by Mags on the way to the match via buses, trains, in the backs of charabancs, Metros, in the pub waiting for your hopeless mates and so on.

It is perfectly fine to be read on loads of other devices as well though – tablets, i-phones, PCs and lap-tops – so no-one need miss-out.

To make sure you get THE SPECIAL – just click here and get signed up. Its as simple as that.


Via this here website we will also be providing you with full match previews and reports from our tf agents at every game United plays. We’ll likely have a range of other features online as well.

That is all.


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