As the more observant amongst you will have spotted we have the true faith : SUMMER SPECIALtf112_cover_ipad out right now and it is the first we are offering exclusively in DIGITAL format.

No sooner have we got that one off the stocks though and we are thinking about the next one.

That’s where the budding writers amongst you come in.

We have a fantastic group of writers who contribute regularly and irregularly to true faith but we are always after fresh talent, people who have something to say and know how to say it.

The basic idea for true faith is that we provide a platform for supporters to express their opinions about Newcastle United and football in general. Obviously, what we like to do is publish contributions which are informative and entertaining.

You don’t have to be some kind of uber-superfan who hasn’t missed any kind of game for 30 years to write for true faith and you don’t have to hold any high falutin qualifications or be a previously published writer. As long as you are a Mag, your heart is in the right place and you fancy making a contribution, you will do for us.

You might have a great idea for a piece for true faith or you might just want us to give you a subject we think needs looking at for the following issue, it doesn’t matter. Either works for us.

To get started, all you need to do is drop us a line at editor@ and we’ll take it from there.

That is all.



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