Now the season has begun we are now putting together the next issue of your top notch fanzine and we want you to contribute to it.

We aren’t bothered if you’ve never had any of your writing published before, in fact, we’d be delighted if you hadn’t and you don’t need any fancy dan qualifications to write for true faith. All you do need is a good, honest love for our club, Newcastle United. That’s it. Nothing else. 

We do hope you can entertain, inform and amuse your fellow supporters with your writing. You can write about any subject you choose but if you have an idea its best to get in touch as we might have someone covering something similar and we don’t want duplicate articles for obvious reasons. If you fancy having a crack at writing for one of the most famous, best-known, respected and widely known club fanzines in the country just get in touch. You don’t have tf121_jonas_ipadan idea of your own you want to cover, that’s not a problem, we always have an area we want you to cover.

In return for penning stuff for true faith what we guarantee is an audience for your writing. Since 1999 we have been a staple part of the Newcastle United scene. In 2015 we have never had a bigger audience be that for the fanzine, the website, our podcasts, The Special. We also promise your writing will be accompanied by some of the best fanzine design in the country courtesy of our man Glenn Ashcroft.


Our stable of writers is comprised of home and away zealots, season ticket holders, people who go when they can. people who have promised never to go back until Ashley has gone and every shade between. We have writers who have been going since the 1950s and we have writers young enough never to have stood on a terrace or piled into the back of a transit to an away game. We have men and women, boys and girls and we have writers in all shapes and sizes.

People like you write for true faith.

If you want to find out more just drop us a line at editor@