GOT, NOT GOT –  The Lost World of Newcastle United 

We love owt for nowt in the true faith bunker so when this book fell into our laps we were delighted to receive it and as well as that one to offer as a prize for you lot out there to have a crack at.

But before the quiz question, something about the book and this is what it says:

Got, Not Got: The Lost World of Newcastle United is an Aladdin’s cave of memories and memorabilia, guaranteed GotNotGotto whisk you back to St James’ Park’s fondly remembered ‘Golden Age’ of mud and magic – as well as a Mags-mad childhood of miniature tabletop games and imaginary, comic-fuelled worlds. The book recalls a more innocent era of football, lingering longingly over relics from the good old days – Toon stickers and petrol freebies, league ladders, big-match programmes and much more – revisiting lost football culture, treasures and pleasures that are 100 per cent Newcastle United. If you were a Junior Magpie, one of the army of obsessive soccer kids at any time from the Joe Harvey era to the early days of the Premier League, then this is the book to recall the mavericks – Macdonald, Mirandinha and Gascoigne; Keegan, Quinn and Waddle – and the marvels of the lost world of football.

To be fair it is a beautifully presented book with a fantastic layout, beautiful photos and an incredible treasure trove of memories. This is how nostalgia used to be done.

If you are interested in buying the book, just click here.

If however, you want to have a crack at winning the prize, have a go at answering the following question:

Newcastle United wore their first strip manufacturers logo on their kit at the 1974 FA Cup Final (shudder) but which company did the logo belong to:

A. Admiral

B. Bukta

C. Umbro.

To have a chance of winning the book, e-mail your answer to editor@  but please include your postal address. If you don’t we’ll not know where to post if if you win.

That is all.