From 1999 true faith published 111 hard-copy issues of the fanzine and established it as one of the most respected and widely read titles of its type in the country. Unfortunately, several factors combined to work against us continuing offering the fanzine in the format you had come to know over the years and as a result we moved everything to digital content.

Well, things have now changed and we have an opportunity to give some people what  they have consistently asked from us and that is a hard-copy fanzine.

The next issue of the fanzine – issue 139 – will be available in hard copy.

It will be on sale for the Leicester City game at St James’ Park on 29/Sep/18.

It will be 48-pages and in A5 format. It will contain many of the regular features that have been a part of the true faith fanzine since we started almost 20 years ago and soma lot of new stuff too.

That means we’ll be suspending publication of the digital fanzine which we’ve been offering FREE of charge for the past few years but it will mean there will be a lot more content from the dozens of contributors we have online as blogs, previews, reports and a multitude of other stuff across a lot of different platforms.

We will continue to publish The Special matchday Newsletter as we have been doing too.

The newly relaunched fanzine will have a new look but it will also contain something of an old-school finish to it but without compromising on quality or design. All of that will be absolutely spot on as you’ve come to expect.

The fanzine will be on sale via The Backpage on St Andrew’s Street in Newcastle City Centre as well as at The Backpage at The Metrocentre. You will also be able to buy individual copies of the fanzine online via our Big Cartel shop and we’ll also be offering a digital format of the fanzine too at a nominal cost. We’ll have a lot more information to come on everything soon.

Distribution of small, independent titles such as true faith is now very difficult or near as much impossible.

However, if you know of anywhere locally who would like to stock the fanzine, let us know and we’ll contact them to make arrangements. Obviously, that applies to the Tyneside area.


You can write for true faith as a match previewer, reporter, blogger and now in the hard-copy fanzine.

If you have written for fanzines before we’d be delighted to hear from you. Similarly, if you would like to jump into the wonderful world of fanzines the door is wide-open.

We’ll have news on whom and how to contact us very soon.


true faith – editorial team.