Despite the absolutely manky weather on Saturday there was a very decent turn-out for AshleyOut1the Ashley Out demonstration outside Sports Direct on Northumberland Street.

Everyone here at true faith is full of admiration for those who got absolutely drenched in the rain staging the protest which was absolutely 100% peaceful, completely incident-free and a credit to the people taking part.

Thanks to our buddy Spielberg, Matt Flynn, our man behind the lens, we recorded another Video-Blog which we know are popular with the true faith cognoscenti.

Many, many thanks to those who agreed to give their views on camera. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it says a lot for how people feel right now that they take a big deep breath and express just how bad the situation is at our beloved club right now.

We think this is a good medium for rank and file supporters to give expression to their frustrations and sadness at what is being done to Newcastle United FC.

Thanks again for all taking part.