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We’ve just checked the numbers for the amount of downloads the last issue of the true faith : PODCAST pulled in and frankly, its mental. This is available to you absolutely FREE of charge. In the latest issue of the true faith : PODCAST Taylor & Besty and the gobshite editor of this fanzine were joined by Simon Bird, canny Crammy lad and the North East’s Football correspondent for The Mirror. Lots of people say lots of nice things about the true faith : PODCAST so why not give it a whirl. Its completely FREE of charge and its available HERE. Give it a go.

true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL 

Our Deputy Editor, young Mr Harrison is well under-way with the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL and the fourth issue of this FREE Newsletter, made to look all bonny and that by the tf design guru, Glenn Ashcroft. It is taking shape very, very nicely now.

We really hope that over time, the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL becomes a staple part of a match day and that the cult following (aye, I said cult) it has developed in less than a month continues to grow. The numbers are amazing and the feedback is brilliant.

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Do we need to tell you about the true faith website? You are reading the bugger now, man. You can see what’s on it and you are welcome to it and we hope you comment on the stuff you read. Constructive comments only please. We just press the delete button for any abuse and shite, not that we get much of that. Hardly any to be honest.

true faith : VIDEO BLOG 

In association with SKY TYNE & WEAR, our young Mr Harrison gets a few minutes each week in front of the cameras. We clag it up here just as soon as we can after its been recorded.

… and there’s more to come but that’s under wraps at the moment. 

Obviously, we are always after new talent to join us covering Newcastle United and the world around it. We also thought we had Bloggers to cover the England national team, The Eagles basketball team as well as The Falcons but it looks like that might not be happening. They are specific vacancies we have at present.

But if you would like to write for true faith or have any other talent you think could help us in any way, ideas, suggestions etc just drop us a line and if we can, we’ll adopt them but we might ask for you to help us do so. All contacts via editor@

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