Your humble gob-shite fanzine exists to give supporters a platform to air their views on WATMFlagmatters Newcastle United and football in general. We have views of our own obviously and a certain editorial position that you may or may not agree with. That’s fine.

But essentially, true faith belongs to you, gentle reader.


You can contribute to true faith by writing articles, reports for the fanzine etc. or you can join the team knocking stuff out for the website as well.

Volunteer your services by dropping us a line on editor@

If you are one of the hundreds of fans we see at home and away matches taking photos of proceedings, we’d be really interested in seeing the results and we’d be delighted to use them online and in the fanzine. Again, just drop us a line of editor@


As you might have seen from visiting our website, we provide a lot of coverage in the form of a weekly editorial blog, match previews, stats, TIFOSI, fanzine craic, history files and a growing number of Blogs from Mags all over the world. We do have two great Cricket Blogs as well covering Durham CCC and the England team. We’d love to provide Blogs for The Falcons and other Newcastle-based sports teams so if you think you are up to it, drop us a line. Again, contact us on editor@


All of the reports online have the option for readers to express an opinion on what they have just read. We really do welcome everyone who wants to have their say just to tell us what they think. We’ve only ever trashed a tiny minority of comments, mainly because they are libellous and a bit fruity language wise even for us. Obviously we’re not going to provide a platform for those who have a vendetta against us. We prefer it when people use their real names and don’t hide behind daft message-board type identities.


The only thing we charge for is the fanzine and that’s because we have bills to pay for from getting it printed and distributed etc. We’re delighted to have one of the most widely listened to football podcasts in the country and we certainly think it’s the biggest produced by a fanzine.

You can listen to Taylor & Besty and occasionally others i.e. proper football journalists and the gobshite running this fanzine as well.

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The second true faith : READERS SURVEY of the season is now open. It really helps us get an understanding of what all of you out there are thinking about the great Mag issues of the day. The results will be published in the next issue of the fanzine.  It will take about one of your Black & White minutes to complete. Just go to LINK.


We have a good bunch of Mags on our Facebook pages debating the issues of the day. Generally we prefer people to use their proper names as we tend to find this dissuades the key-board warrior types as well as the trolls and other nuggets. Opinions of fellow-Mags are respected and there’s a good standard of debate for those knocking round the doors and on the other side of the world. Sign up to our Face Book stuff here.


A few of our regular writers have Twitter accounts and regularly share their musings to the ether. You can follow their craic here:

Michael – @tfeditor1892,

Gareth – @truefaith1892,

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Neil – @tfberlin1892


If any of you out there have any ideas about the kinds of things you think we should be doing, then by all means drop us a line but please remember, the fanzine’s accounts are of the biscuit tin variety, we’re all volunteers with proper jobs and commitments elsewhere. If you have the wherewithal to help us do the things you are suggesting then all the better. Just drop us a line on editor@