Will the next week be the most important in Newcastle United’s recent history? I am not thinking here of the possibility of Newcastle United winning the Championship on Sunday against Barnsley, welcome as that would be, but rather the talks between Benitez and Ashley about the longer term future of the club.

Are we to go back to the bad old days of the club being used as a stepping stone for ambitious, but not always  very talented playes from France and elsewhere?  Or are we going to be run as a football club should be; with a long-term plan, with the good of the club and its long-suffering supporters put first and with control in the hands of somebody who actually knows what he is doing?

Let’s all hope it is the latter.  Let’s all hope we don’t go back to the chaos that we have endured for too long, until Benitez finally was able to say enough was enough.

Speaking of chaos, we have seen the Conservatives try to belittle opposition to them by warning that if they don’t get a majority in the upcoming election, there will be a ‘coalition of chaos’ instead. Now this is a bit rich of course coming from the Tories, who have over seen little but chaos since returning to power in their own dodgy coalition in 2010 and on their own since 2015.

Of course soundbites like this are the Tories only answer to the terrible mess this country finds itself in today.    No doubt Lynton Crosby, The Tories so-called ‘election guru’ has instructed the Tories to say nothing of substance. In fact repeating the phrase ‘strong and stable government’ seems to be about all Theresa May is capable of. I have never seen a Prime Minister being found put so quickly on an election campaogn as may is being at present. The word embarassing doesn’t do May’s woeful performance justice.

She is deliberately treating the British electorate with contempt…She just parrots a vacuous phrase over and over again, while clearly hiding from the British public, whether in person or on TV debates. She is an absolute disgrace really.

Meanwhile education and the NHS are facing unprecedented crises, child poverty is rocketing and the use of foodbanks is mushrooming. And let’s be honest,  she hasn’t a clue about dealing with Brexit..except alienating those we need to negotiate with… It is now thought that the chances of any deal at all after Brexit is less thsan 50%.  What this might do for jobs in a region like the Northeast hardly bears thinking about.

talking of the future, the education system is in uter chaos. We are witnessing the deliberate destruction and fragmentation of the education system to develop a privatised education system with academies, free schools, and poorly paid, unqualified staff, all the while wealthy people make money out of the education of the nation’s children, The appalling OFSTED are, of course, colluding in this dreadful process, deliberately helping the process of schools being forced to be academies, without a shred of evidence that academies help anything…other than the bank accounts of those running them.. It is indeed a global problem, known as the Global Education Reform Movement..look it up if you have time.

Turn over of staff in some schools is enormous, with a complete lack of stability resulting from it. There is a huge crisis in the retention and recruitment of teachers. It was reporetd in the Guardian last month that, “schools are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain staff, the NAHT said, particularly in key subjects such as maths, science and languages”.  As a result of this, schools are employing unqualified staff or facing having to cut the school week to four days or less.

30 years ago teachers joined the profession with long-term career aspirations. Ten years ago, teachers still saw it as a long-term aspiration, but many were quitting within five years.  This givernmentr has managed to make teaching such an unattractive profession that many traine teachers today, only see teachingas an option for a few years and look forward to getting out as soon as possible.   This choas is of course deliberately set-up by the government as a way of destroying the teaching profession so that education can be taken over and money made out of it by already very wealthy people. It is a national disgrace.

And there is similar chaos in the NHS.  Jeremy Hunt, who has been hiding of course in the election campaign so far, is deliberately running the NHS down, so that it can be privatised by his wealthy friends…and we end up with a system like that in the USA, where if you are poor and get sick, well, tough luck.  And now we have nurses…NURSES….having to resort to using foodbanks.  When asked by Andrew Marr on the Sunday Politics show  why it was that nirses wewre having to go to foodbanks, all May, resembling Marie Antoinette, could say was “there were complex reasons why people go to foodbanks”. Really? I thought it was simply because they would starve otherwise….

There is similar chaos in social care, the use of zero hours contracts, in prisons and many other areas of British life.  All caused  by the Tories.   And as for the idea of a strong economy under the Tories, this is perhaps the biggest deceit of all.  Far from getting the national debt down, as promised in 2010 and given as a justification fore all the austerity, as it happens, the national debt as of now stands at £1.6 trillion at the end of July 2016 or 83.7% of total GDP. it was  70% of UK GDP in 2010.

Auaterity and the attacks on the education system and the NHs are causing chaos and have been deliberate political choices by the Tories. They want chaos in these areas, so that they and their wealthy frinds can then take advatage of it.   If you really want chaos in this country then vote Tory on 8th June….

Let us hope that Benitez can come to a deal with Ashley, which he is happy with and the chaos at Newcastle United can finally come to an end.  Let us also all hope that the chaos in health, education, the economy, with workers’ rights and in so many other areas can also end soon. After all May ends in June….

Peter Sagar May 2017