Wherever we can a few people associated with true faith will do a few bits and pieces in aid of charity. In the last few years that has involved three lads from our main group of contributors running in the Great North Run for various charities and may I thank those of you who have sponsored them etc. The fanzine itself has done a few a things over the years – with the current Pavel Is A Geordie, Sir Bobby t-shirts and support for the Check’Em Lads testicular cancer charity amongst them.


We’ll continue to do that, particularly if it means supporting good causes in the North East of England and which have a Tyneside or Newcastle United flavour. 

I think those that know our deputy editor, Gareth Harrison will confirm what a great lad he is – very honest, affable and good company. Just like his old man, Ronnie and I’m proud to call the pair of them good friends. The post below is part of Gareth’s New Year challenge and everyone associated with true faith will be wishing him well as watching very closely at his commitment to clean living.


Nee beer or tabs? Are you sure? 


Anyway, Gareth has chosen the mental health charity, MIND as the beneficiary of his efforts and as you can see below has already set up a Just Giving page for those who wish to donate a few bob here and there. It will all mount up and it will all be gratefully received. 


Gareth is going to give us regular updates about his training and the various marathons and runs he participates in.


 I’m sure any messages of support in the comments boxes will be most appreciated. 


On behalf of all of us who put this fanzine together for you, all the best mate.


Michael Martin, Editor, true faith, Newcastle United Fanzine.  


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1000 Miles Run

I’ll kick this off by saying that if you’ve opened this link expecting a challenger to the majestic Mark Allison’s throne of jawMind-logo
dropping feats of endurance then you’re likely to be bitterly disappointed.  ‘Amble Along like a Twat from Sherburn who looks like he’s shit himself’ doesn’t have the same ring as ‘Run Geordie Run’ anyway.  Norris McWhirter won’t be calling round ours any time soon, partly because he died over a decade ago but also because there’s probably people run a thousand mile in a week, whereas I’m going to be doing it over a calendar year starting on New Years Day and the Editor has egged me on to keep our lovely readers informed of my upcoming aches, pains and gut wrenching sobriety.
So, to give a bit of context to this, I’m not what you’d necessarily call an athlete.  I’ve run half a dozen half marathons before, including the GNR in 2015 but I’ve never before run 20 mile in a week, which is obviously the average mileage I need to maintain over the 52.  I’m also kicking this off by having a good few weeks off the drink and tabs to give myself a head start.  I’ve certainly never had a week away from the drink since I was about 15 and I think it would be fair to say that my training ‘regime’ over the past 20 year has been more closely linked to the followers of Haile Selassie than the coaching team of Haile Gebrselassie.  Hoy in a young family, demanding job and the fact I’m going to have to watch NUFC plummet towards relegation stone cold sober and I think there is a story to tell in there somewhere.
Since deciding to do this a few weeks back, the challenge has been brought into sharper focus for me by the death of Pavel, out jogging by himself in the Czech Republic.  I won’t dwell on this too much, but Pav is the only NUFC player I’ve ever known in ‘real life’.  My godfather, who has lived on the same small street as my parents since I was born, was Pavel’s best mate over here and I saw a lot of him when he played for United.  When I’m struggling with the runs, which I undoubtedly will be frequently, I’ve got someone to spur me on.
I am doing this for charity, namely Mind and if any of you reading this at all throughout 2016 want to hoy in the price of a pint, I’d be chuffed to bits.  My JustGiving page is www.justgiving.com/Haz1000 and whilst the weekly blogs on how I’m getting on won’t give you any insights on nutrition and running technique, I’ll do my best to explain in intricate detail how a midlife crisis feels when you can’t afford a Porsche and haven’t got enough hair to grow a ponytail.
Gareth Harrison, Deputy Editor, true faith, Newcastle United Fanzine. 
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For more information about Mind and their work, please click here