As those who haven’t been living under a rock for the last month will know, local lad, Mag and Sunday Times football TouchingDistancejournalist, Martin Hardy has had a new book published which goes into some depth about the year we came so close to winning the Premier League title in 1995/96.

Martin has been a football journalist on the North East beat since the 1990s and some may remember his days on the Sunday Sun. He has latterly been reporting on North East football for The Independent. This is his first book.

Martin has assembled a treasure trove of anecdotes and interviews as well as reminisces and puts into context one of the most dramatic seasons not only in Newcastle United’s history but also within the English game, let alone the “Premier League years”. Martin has interviewed almost all of the key characters of that historic season and even after all these years there are new angles on what happened, new theories and new opinions.

As part of the promotion for the book, Martin is having two Talk-Ins this week:

Thursday, 13/Aug/15 –

The Benedictine Club on Glenluce Drive, Cramlington NE23 6YA.

Its £10 on the door with a Pie & Peas doo.

I’d suggest getting there for around 7:15pm.

Friday 14/Aug/15 –

42nd Street, East Parade, Whitley Bay NE26 1AW

Again, its £10 on the door and another Pie & Peas kind of thing. I’d suggest again showing up at 7:15pm.

Joining Martin at both talk-ins will be our former winger Keith Gillespie who as those who lived through the season will know was a key member of that side and whose injury (cynically taken out by Phil Neville at the United v Man U fixture at Old Trafford) is often overlooked as a reason for the later stutter which ultimately cost us first prize.

We were delighted to have Martin as a guest on our ever-popular Podcast last week but if you missed it, just click here to find out more about the book as well as listen to the Podcast.  We hope you enjoy listening to the Podcast as much as we did recording it.

We recommend the book to you.