When Amanda and co took up post on the 7th of October 2021 every fan (once they had sobered up) had a list of easy wins for them to achieve to take the club to the next level – bear in mind the level they inherited the club at was rock bottom so even the most mundane of tasks would be celebrated – cast your mind back to the amazement when the windows got cleaned for the first time in a decade, I thought the drunken scenes on Oct 7th were going to be repeated.

So far the new ownership group have been faultless (almost – they should have sacked Bruce before the ink was dry on the money transfer order) since taking over the reins from the previous incumbent, I’m not just talking 1st team matters where they famously splashed the most money in Europe during a difficult January window. Just look at what they have achieved away from the pitch, galvanising the fanbase and giving the club some much needed TLC. Renaming the bar attached to the ground to the name of our top scorer was such an easy win and was on the list of jobs most fans had when the consortium came in, showing respect and righting a wrong. Same goes with the relocating of Alan Shearers statue so it is where it belongs on club property. There’s 2 jobs done with the minimum of fuss and they’ve deserved the plaudits for doing so.

A couple more jobs on the list for me would be local beers sold in the ground, even just better drinks would do, basically anything but Carling and Kingstone Cider (by the way, I’m 99% sure that the only place in the world you can buy Kingstone Cider from is St James’ Park). The televisions in the concourse are desperate to be replaced as well, it would be nice to go down at half time and check the halftime scores without needing a telescope. You can literally see the holes in the wall where the older (bigger) TVs used to be. Embarrassing.

That brings me back to my point. The task I want completed more than any since the takeover is for Kevin Keegan to finally get the recognition he more than deserves. He is Newcastle United. Without him, there’s a massive chance we wouldn’t even exist now. It can never be overstated what he did for us, we owe him everything. He embodies what it means to be a Newcastle fan, we get criticised regularly in the media regularly for having “unrealistic expectations”, well one mans “unrealistic expectation” is another mans “big dream”. He did dream big, and he turned the dream into reality.

For a 2x Ballon D’or winner to choose to come to little old Newcastle was gigantic, he captured the imagination of the North East “this superstar is coming here?!” Its hard to put it into modern terms for context, as football is different but saying it would be like Messi signing for Middlesbrough in the summer window wouldn’t be far off. Insane.

In terms of what he did as manager, does that even need to be discussed? If you are reading this you already know what he did, still, think of what the club looked like when he came back in 1992. In 4 years we were title contenders, yes we missed out on lifting the trophy but look at the bigger picture – the perception of Newcastle as a club and a City was changed forever.

We have hardcore fans the world over because of Kevin Keegan.

We have a 52,000 all seater stadium because of Kevin Keegan.

We broke the world transfer record because of Kevin Keegan.

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world because of Kevin Keegan.

Do you think PIF would have bought the club in 2021 if we went down to Division 3 in 1992? We can thank him for that too.

He took us from the outhouse to the penthouse, from undesirable to undeniable.

A statue isn’t enough. He’s not just part of the fabric of the club, he is the fabric.

Rename the East stand The Kevin Keegan Stand.

John Liddell – @johnliddell1982