There’s nothing really to say that you won’t already know about this shambles. The return Man wearing ski maskof Alan Pardew from his stadium ban amid desperate newspaper headlines proclaiming ‘It’s Not Over Yet!’ induced a performance only comparable to 11 battling tops; spinning around in a disorganised mess for a few seconds before losing momentum and clattering to a sorry halt.

If you didn’t watch the game, consider yourself lucky as it really was one of the worst displays yet. The battle for 8th became genocide.
Fans were travelling from 5 this morning to watch a starting 11 that could not give a flying fuck.The players’ total lack of heart and the manager’s utter lack of tactics made Southampton look like a horde of mounted Dothraki warriors riding through a field of slightly damp corn. It was that easy.
HBA and MYM were hauled off at half time. I can’t even remember who replaced them.It made no difference whatsoever. Each goal had our defence outpaced, out-muscled  and out-positioned. Disgraceful.
I keep thinking that every gutless, shite performance like this will somehow galvanise them for the next match. Dreamworld, I know, but if something does finally click, we’ll win about 10 nowt against Man Utd.
Back in reality, however, what will actually happen is that we’ll be shit and get beat. Again. I’m already dreading what Liverpool are going to do to us…
We’re sorry, we’ll come back when we’ve grown ourselves some spines’ – stick that message on the back of the plane on your way home, lads.
The good bits: Rob Elliot prevented from being about 4-0 down in the first half and did little wrong.
The bad bits: The rest of them.

Not a lot I can say to put a positive spin on a terrible week. 3-0 was not a SimonCampbellnew

fair reflection of the game on Tuesday, but today, we got the drubbing we

deserved for a beyond shite performance.

Plan A… Pass to hatem. Didn’t even get going, we hardly touched the ball in

the first half and Hatem certainly didn’t offer anything (nor did anyone else).

I have been critical of Elliot since the FA Cup but he kept us alive as long as

possible today with an Epic performance.

Plan B…Drastic changes at half time to go 442. We at least produced a few

shots on goal after these changes but another ridiculously poorly defended goal

killed the game for us before anything could be done. Mbiwa is not a right back

and Tiote/Anita is not a midfield.

It has been a very strange season. We’ve been excellent and diabolical in the

space of a week too many times. The consistency of our 5th place finish has yet

to be rediscovered.  This can partly be attributed to the thread bare squad

which means a couple of injuries is the end of the world. Alas we have so much

work to do this summer to see any kind of progress. That we are 2 points behind

today’s opposition seems ridiculous but on the whole we deserve it for the

season we’ve had with our squad.

It appears we’ll be limping our way to the end of the season with not a lot to

play for now. We miss Remy and Debuchy badly. Which is a really poor reflection

on our squad, and our manager unfortunately. 3-0, 4-0 is not good enough even

with a depleted squad. I expect a response vs Man Utd and Stoke, both of which I

will be attending an am looking forward to (mental? …probably).