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To describe the performance and result against Liverpool as much improved is rather an under-statement and should be enjoyed with the simple happiness that a Newcastle United win gives us all. But there is a but! Nothing has really changed at Newcastle United no matter how much McClaren, Carr and Charnley might want us to believe it has or it is about to change. We have had results like these before and indeed we beat Liverpool at SJP last season and Pardew himself posted some fabulous results like these himself on occassion. They ultimately led us nowhere.

I toasted the great win over Liverpool with like-minded fellows and the pubs and clubs of NE1 were filled with Mags wreathed in smiles. It was good to see Mags wearied with the massive head-fuck of Newcastle United daring to feel good again even if it will ultimately be for a short time. It was a good day to be at the match and merciful relief from the gloom of the worst year results wise in our entire club’s history which is saying something.

The questions are still as relevant following a win over Liverpool as they were after a defeat at Crystal Palace or Leicester ColoSissokoor Sheffield Wednesday or Watford or Swansea or West Ham or anyone. I still believe the model we have for recruitment, managing and business is wholly dysfunctional and very soon the familiar stomach churning frustration will return be that next week after the Spurs game, the Villa game wherever or during the January transfer window. One win over a tired, possibly complacent Liverpool (notwithstanding the huge improvement in attitude and effort) does not make Steve McClaren the man to lead our club and nor does it mean Graeme Carr can pick a player or that Lee Charnley can understand the need to get certain players signed for the wider value they bring to the team rather than his desire to sign off the kinds of deals which might look good at the end of his end of year review with his boss. Ashley’s idea he can run Newcastle United like a shop and treat players like stock with supporters treated a little more grudgingly than punters at a Sports Direct store is still wrong despite the Liverpool win and it will be even if we do something mad at White Hart Lane next Sunday.

Every question you and I were asking before the Liverpool game is still relevant.

Why can’t we sign players for the value they will bring to the competitiveness of the team rather than as a means to flog on at a profit in a couple of seasons time?

Why we must our recruitment be limited to signing bargains from the inferior leagues of Holland, Belgium and France in MASTRUM Snorkel Hooded Parka - Northern Blu (1)an unending campaign to put in the shop window for more serious clubs with a sense of purpose and ambition?

Why is the club hopelessly restricted to signing players under 25?

Why does it appear that clubs of more modest means than us – namely Stoke City, Leicester City, Swansea City, Everton, West Brom, West Ham, Southampton – are all better run outfits with a greater sense of purpose and ambition?

Why has the whole sporting ethic at Newcastle United been shredded by a miserable and mean view the club shouldn’t compete to be the best it can be and must be run to the bottom line in the most myopic and unimaginative way possible?

Why does Mike Ashley continually select Yes-Men to run his club and who continually fail to deliver?

Why do we have to pitch Newcastle United to new recruits as a stepping stone to better things?

Why are there serious question regarding the medical support available to our players and indeed the apparent poor infrastructure of our club?

Why does the man who has the responsibility for coaching the team have no input into the players he wants, the positions he needs to strengthen to develop the style of football he wants to play?

Why must we have dead-beat coaches with no other choices at our club who will inevitably fail, as they have elsewhere?Classic1

What is happening with the promised investment at the training ground and academy? Why did that work not start as was planned in May and when has it been re-scheduled to commence?

Why are Ashley’s interests vis a vis the land at Strawberry Place which will be developed under a lease he bought with the purchase of what we know to be Newcastle United being placed ahead of the long-term interests of the club?

Why do we earn nothing from perimeter advertising that is being beamed around the world?

Why do we have to have a club so permanently at odds with the media, community, support and other significant potential partners in the city-region?

Why does the club behave in such a routinely crass manner in terms of shirt sponsorships and kit designs?

Is it necessary to have a Managing Director who is utterly unapproachable and uncommunicative?

What is the point of having a billionaire owner with little interest in doing more than retain Newcastle United’s PL status
in order to preserve the TV money coming in?

Beating Liverpool was great but the fundamental flaws at Newcastle United remain and will do so without a positive change in ownership or a seismic change in Ashley’s attitude towards the club. Until then, this is just a light in the darkness and no-one should think otherwise.


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Spurs next Sunday will provide another severe test of the credentials of everyone with a notional responsibility for putting
out a half decent Newcastle United team. Should we crash and burn in the style we have done on several occasions this season then McClaren will likely face calls for him to be sacked. I agree with that but should McClaren go then those who have both appointed him and who make the success of any successor impossible should also be binned and Ashley should start thinking about running the club properly.

Still, it would be wrong to be anything other than a cock-a-hoop at beating Liverpool even though the class of their manager Jurgen Klopp in his post-match interview marks him down as a man with substantial gravitas – he reminds me of Kevin Keegan and I can pay him no higher compliment. I liked him before his first visit to SJP but I admire him more now. I’d hope his peers note how he conducts himself and take a leaf from his book. Cut the bull-shit, it might catch on.

Have a good week.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …