The acquisitions of Colback and (S) De Jong generally speaking have been well received byDarylJanmaat the Black & White cognoscenti. I’m declining to count Perez as part of our summer first team strengthening as he shouldn’t be a part of our plans in the short term. What seems to be an imminent acquisition of Remy Cabella from Montpelier is also drawing a positive response from within our ranks though for my own part I’ll be honest and confess to never having seen our Dutch and French new lads play. They appear to have the credentials however.

Obviously we don’t want to lose any good players but fair play to United for planning for life post-Debuchy with a move for Dutch international full-back Daryl Janmaat who I gather has refused to discuss his future while out in Brazil at the World Cup. I like that kind of professionalism. Obviously, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and United has to finish the deal. That isn’t a foregone conclusion as we all know only too well.

Obviously, this is all a little encouraging as thoughts turn to the new season but like most of you reading this I’m still extremely cautious at opening the doors to optimism just yet. We’ve had loads of transfer tittle-tattle linking us to half the strikers in Europe but none have been signed just yet. I think some of the reporting is, well, a little “circumstantial” to put it politely. I’m finding it difficult to imagine Loic Remy or Demba Ba pulling on a B&W shirt again, simply because they just do not fit within our profile. Neither man would represent how we do business. We  brought in Ba on a free and sold him for £6m. That will doubtless have been thought of as good business and should we manage to confound my scepticism and sign Loic Remy that would be a substantial departure from the Mike Ashley blue-print. There would be no chance of a sell-on fee for Remy at his age and for that reason alone, I’d be inclined to scratch him off any imaginary lists of targets you have developed for yourself. I’d love to be proven wrong and have both Ba and Remy at United next season because the pair of them have goals in them and I think would complement each other.

Obviously both players are mercenaries but I think had I been in Ba’s position and been offered an opportunity to double my money and move to the then European Champions competing in the CL and for other silverware I’d have struggled to reconcile myself to staying under Pardew’s charge. I say that as a lifelong fan let alone a bloke from Senegal with absolutely no affinity to the club or our community. Nothing that either men have done hasn’t done before by Geordies – Stubbins, Waddle, Beardsley, Gascoigne and Carroll.

The only loyalty in football is in the stands.

But we need at least two new strikers and I still wake up in a cold sweat at the thought of Pardew getting his way and Darren Bent coming back to the NE for a last pay-day and moping around the place as per Sol Campbell or Kenny Sansom (for older readers) did.

The club needs to get these two new lads sorted soon and then get down to the business of signing strikers as well as a central defender. I don’t imagine the window will close without their being more outgoings. There is news Mbwia is wanted by St Etienne (enter own pop music joke here) and clearly HBA and Marveaux have passed the point of no return with the manager as we learnt this week both are now training with the U-21s. This is a great shame and loss of talent.

Of the two I’d imagine Marveaux will be the quicker to leave the club because of reports are to be believed he has spent the summer improving his condition. If photographs of HBA’s waistline is any measure, it seems one of the most naturally gifted players to have pulled on a United shirt in recent years hasn’t. It is entirely legitimate to question whether those players who have lost their way have been “Pardewed” but in all seriousness a professional athlete has it as their own responsibility to maintain their fitness at the very least.

I compare HBA to Ryan Taylor who has spent God knows how long out injured but has done everything possible to maintain his fitness. It’s just too easy to blame an unpopular manager. HBA has previous and the simple truth is no-one seems to want him and the story linking him to Inter Milan earlier in the summer seems to have been put about by a journalist who might have enjoyed a rather good lunch.

Clearly, like any other supporter I want the club to recruit plentifully and wisely but bringing in a host of new players in from abroad all in one go because of the inertia in previous windows carries risks to it as well. We desperately need to hit the ground running and Pardew needs results and performances like at no other time in his career because if we start the new season like we finished the last one he will find it difficult to keep the club together as I expect those in the stands will be in mutinous mood.

First excuse of the new season?

It will take players to settle into a new league, culture, city etc. You heard it here first.

There are moves in the right direction but it is far from enough to get us beating our breasts and rolling out the red (or B&W) carpet for Ashley. There is a long, long way to go.


Jesus, it’s the first pre-season friendly at Boundary Park on Tuesday as we face another of Mike Ashley’s business interests to get the 2014/15 preparatory programme under way. As ever, we’ll have a match reporter at the game and a full report online as soon as we possibly can. Keep an eye on the site.


A big thanks to the New Zealand Mags who have been in touch ahead of United’s trip down under. If any NZ Mag would like to get in touch, just drop us a line on editor@ and we’ll give you the gen.


It’s not often I have to do it and I always hate it as well but recently I’ve had to trash one or two comments on the site which I feel have just gone a bit too far. I would hope those of you who have been reading true faith for any length of time would agree that whilst we have firm views on how United should be run and aren’t shy in expressing them, we’ll happily publish contrary opinions, particularly in the fanzine. But just because we do that, doesn’t mean anyone has persuaded us our argument is wrong or they can tell us what to do. You can take us or leave us. You can enjoy the bits of our output you like and ignore the stuff you don’t. We are what we are and hopefully stay consistent and resist the temptation of populism.

I really don’t mind criticism … that’s absolutely fine and we positively welcome it but abuse is a different matter. If anyone is going to make points of criticism I’d ask them to word them in the kind of way they would if they were standing opposite the writer in the pub.

Let’s have respect for each other.

I’d also ask the writer to be big enough to accept criticism and understand that’s just the way it rolls. The internet is a truly wonderful thing but the potential for keyboard warriors running riot is beyond belief. I’ve learnt of a number of digital hard lads coming face to face with the people they have slaughtered online and it never fails to provide hilarious results.

Clearly, involving yourself with something like a fanzine which excites the passions, over many years carries the risk of coming into contact with a wide selection of goons, ego-maniacs, personality-disorders and straightforward weirdoes (and that’s just the TF Christmas doo – boom-boom) but I’ll confess to getting a bit weary with it from time to time.

Take this last week. Apparently, I’m a hypocrite. The reason is I go to the match. I haven’t joined with those who have decided to chuck it. I respect the choices my fellow supporters have made. God knows, it’s understandable and I couldn’t make a case right now for anyone to go regularly to the match. What I detect in these boycott-zealots however is an intolerance and a desire to tell others how to behave because of the unshakeable strength of their conviction. They are absolutely certain a mass desertion from the stands will sweep Mike Ashley from the club and usher in a brighter, happier future with a nicer (sic) billionaire owner. They proffer no evidence to substantiate that claim other than their absolute belief that is what will happen.

They really are the Boycott Believers.  Woe betide you if you aren’t swept along by their passion. You must be a hypocrite or a traitor or have some kind of hidden agenda (I’m particularly fond of the vaguest of vague conspiracy theorists) … you just must believe.

I am not about to say they are wrong. I don’t have any evidence to say that other than I go back to the days of the United Supporters For Change, Board-buster days of the late 80s and it didn’t deliver exactly what we thought it might then when United’s finances were far more reliant upon the gate money than they are now.

I have had no evidence from similar clubs that it would work and I definitely haven’t had anyone telling me they are about to set up a campaign group organising and funding the whole thing. That doesn’t seem to be their thing. I apologise for my sarcasm.

It might make the boycotters feel better to feel they aren’t giving their money to Ashley. I absolutely understand that. But as a strategy for removing Ashley? The case just has not been made. If you think you can make it, drop me a line of editor@ and I’ll look to publish it.


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