Where do you summon up the words to describe the position that Newcastle United has tf120_coverwalked into? How can anyone articulate the continuing sense of outrage, bitterness and frustration so continually? And how do readers maintain their interest in reading the same emotions repeated over and over again? We are very close to the point where the anger that has pock-marked much of Mike Ashley’s eight-years at United is no longer sustainable. Our emotions can no longer be stretched so far and so the energy required to retain that continuing indignation are fizzling out into resignation and apathy.

I hear good, solid, life-long Black & Whiters express the wish that relegation does come to pass. Not because they hate the club but because they love it. It’s not particularly a sentiment I share but I understand the reasoning. Personally, I don’t think relegation would solve the Ashley blight but neither do I believe Premiership survival will either. There are no certainties and if relegation does come, it’s my view the whole club could unravel and we could drop like Leeds, like Wolves, Sheff Wednesday into League 1 as Ashley ensured he pulled the parachute money out of United.

I worry also about a time post-Ashley because I don’t believe it will be a clean break and as he’s done at Rangers he will pull us into the quicksand of his merchandising and image rights grasping.

If I’m honest, I see Premiership survival as the least worst option but that’s just my take on MA.STRUM-GIFit and I don’t claim any higher wisdom than those wishing relegation upon a club they have devoted their lives to and is a part of the fabric of families, communities and our proud city and region.

How did the simple act of falling in love with Newcastle United become so fucked up?

So, we go towards the last act of the season’s rotten drama. If there is a Panto villain role to be filled then Allardyce, the football anti-christ unloved in his brief Tyneside tenure is unquestionably the man. I almost expect him to walk down the tunnel in a black cape, wide-brimmed hat holding a carton bomb before KO.

How did we get here?

We have sailed onto these crocks because those notionally on the starboard bow have fallen sleep at their posts. Ashley, as has been repeated to the point of nausea has no wish to invest in the club, give it any clear direction (other than it not to cost him time or money), use it simply as a method to promote his awful business and pay down the debt he created. He has appointed the supine to positions of authority. What he says goes and where we are going God only knows.

God only knows the breadth of Charnley’s authority at United but this tea-boy may have AQUAGIFwanted to show off with his profit and surplus but is now threatening to sink the whole of the good ship Newcastle United because the main simply does not understand football.

Then there is Carver. A man so pitifully out of his depth I almost feel sympathy for him but his oafish uselessness has numbed me to any empathy for him.  He is set to become reviled within his own city, his own community – forever. Enough has been said and written about QPR on Saturday but frankly you might have said the same so many times before.

So, where we are?

Where we are is being beseeched by Carver to support the team, create a big atmosphere to howl the team over the line. Some of you reading this will be up for that but I’m dreading the whole thing. This team has nothing in it, there is no connection between the pitch and the stands. The ties are torn.

If there is anything to make me throw into the toilet it is being told what to do by Sir JohnPheonixphone1 Hall or Freddie Shepherd, how we should support the team. These are men who grew fat and bloated on the wealth of Newcastle United and sold it to the first dupe who would upholster them further with wealth. I’d be surprised if either man has been near a United game, home or away since the day they flogged our club to a man who never had the right intentions.

So Sunday will be excruciating. Our fate is in our hands going into the last game but frankly Hull have more chance of beating Man Utd on Humberside than we do of defeating West Ham at St James’ Park. I have no faith in the manager or the players and suspect our fate rests in the hands of the team from Old Trafford. It’s truly a desperate situation.


Many thanks to Kriss Fee who gave us an eye-witness account of some particularly bad dickhead behaviour around King’s Cross on Saturday. Our best wishes go to anyone injured and it has been gratifying to receive notes of various types from Everton fans, ashamed of the knobheads amongst them.


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