ChronI stopped buying Evening Chronicle as it was then around ten years ago.

Not because of Anal Oliver or because of the poor quality production it had become. In truth it was because of the internet. I can get most things “Newcastle United” online.

On many an occasion I felt that NCJ titles have ducked important issues. Other titles have challenged and tackled the regime. The Daily Mail was banned for some time for doing this. (Michael Walker, Colin Young)

I would therefore make a counter accusation at the NCJ titles of running with the foxes and hounds for a long time. Sometimes they’ve been almost cowardly in their failure to poke their head over the parapet.

I also defend their right to fill their newspaper with whatever they like. Free speech and a free press are a cornerstone of our democracy. Good journalism should be celebrated.

The current NUFC regime are acting in a similar fashion to the leaders of  Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Lookout for Kim Jong-un in the directors box at future matches.

The Pieman.