By complete co-incidence (ahem) and taking time out from polishing all of the trophies he has won as the self-declared best coach in the Premier League, John Carver found himself in front of a SKY camera crew yesterday answering questions about Steve Bruce and his apparently imminent appointment at Newcastle United.

If we can be allowed to para-phrase Carver’s impromptu pitch for a job at St James’ Park it went something like this …. “Geordie. Friends. Geordie. Premier League. Geordie“. Also hanging around in the background was newly installed lick-spittle Shola Ameobi who has been newly appointed into some non-job at the Academy who parroted much the same tripe. We can all recall the ineptitude Carver demonstrated when he took United within a whisker of getting the club relegated not too many years ago.

This follows Kevin Nolan getting his tongue up Mike Ashley’s crevice via Talksport doubtless in an effort to position himself in the vague hope Sam “kin Allardyce might have been readied for a horrific return to NE1 4ST. This all demonstrates the average footballer, coach, manager or whatever else just can’t be trusted if they think there is a chance of turning some coin.

Carver and Ameobi will join Beardsley, Moncur and Nolan on the list of non-persons in the eyes of many supporters implacably opposed to Mike Ashley’s disastrous running of our football club.

They have chosen sides and they aren’t with the supporters.