Following an intervention by Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah and the Newcastle United Supporters Trust, the Sports Minister, the Rt Hon Mims Davies MP is to write to the Premier League to request they respond to evidence that the club is failing to engage with supporters contrary to Premier League rules.

The Sports Minister said: “I am concerned that the rules do not appear to be functioning as they should at Newcastle United Football Club. For these reasons, we will write to the Premier League to see what steps can be taken to ensure Newcastle United Football Club meets its requirements to meet supporters’ groups“.

The Minister: has also expressed concerns minutes of the meetings do not reflect the issues discussed at those meetings. Newcastle United previously banned the Supporters Trust from the Fans Forum without formal explanation though it is commonly considered this was due to the publication of the Trust’s own record of the content of meetings.

There is additional criticism of the Fans Forum that it is wholly undemocratic, unrepresentative and unaccountable.

Newcastle United also does not have a full time Supporters Liaison Officer and this is contrary to Article 35 of the 2010 UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations. For further details refer to – UEFA Supporter Liaison
Officer Handbook English version (2011 Edition) – Click here 

Lee Marshall, who had been Newcastle United SLO has not been full time within this post for a number of years and is now. Lee’s LinkedIn page refers to him as Head of Media and Content – click here – which conflicts with the details held by the Premier League within their Directory – click here which does record him as Supporters Liaison Officer. Lee is not Newcastle United’s full time Supporters Liaison Officer. The club does not employ one contrary to UEFA’s Article 35 as above.

Newcastle United did not comment on this news item. But you knew that already.

This is far from the only gap in the Newcastle United operation which is a huge cause for concern. Watch this space. Newcastle United is run in a wholly shambolic fashion.