Some of you with long memories will recall the name Tony Jiminez – a former Chelsea Security Guard brought in with Dennis Wise in 2008 to source players and do negotiations with agents and all of that. Jiminez had little previous experience in this world but well, Little Dennis needed a few pals around him didn’t he? Big Tony was a drinking pal of Big Mike and you can imagine the brilliant nights out they had on the lager fizzies in casinos, spewing up and generally giving it large as only cockney wanker geezers can.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and Big Tony and Big Mike are no longer Big Friends.

In fact, the two have been locked in Big court cases which Big Tony has lost rather spectacularly and now faces the threat of a wee bit time in chokey if he doesn’t tip up four millions to Big Mike for some bollocks investment in a Golf Club development in France. In that court case Big Tony claimed Big Mike spunked a chance to sell Newcastle United to Sheikh Mansour. Don’t rush to believe that just because you hate Mike Ashley.

Not that Big Tony’s involvement in football ended when he was bundled out of United after an unhappy spell undermining Kevin Keegan with the odious Dennis Wise. Big Tony has had something of an invoolvement with Charlton Athletic which we can describe as less than happy – click here and here which details more High Court action against Jiminez in which Big Tony came off second best and was ordered to tip up $4m to some other mush. The latter of those articles will detail Big Tony’s less than happy relationship with Addicks fans, due in part to his desire to move from their home at The Valley to some soulless development which would of course provide Big Tony with Big Cash. I will apologise to readers in advance for photos of Big Tony photographed with Little Dennis if you haven’t had your dinner yet.

Anyway, this is what Kevin Keegan said about Tony Jiminez:

“A lot of the things Tony Jimenez says you have to take with a pinch of salt.”