According to Neil Ashton of The S*n –

“Meanwhile, Bin Zayed Group’s £350m takeover of Newcastle is still alive and progressing well. SunSport first broke the news that Mike Ashley had agreed to sell Toon to the Dubai-based company – fronted up by multi-billionaire Sheikh Khaled. The group claim they have already provided proof of funding to the Premier League and have reassured desperate Newcastle fans their purchase is going ahead. While there has been no comment from the Magpies or Premier League, S*nSport understands the deal is moving forward”.

Apologies for quoting anyone from that “newspaper” but as it seems ahead of every other news-line in its connections to the Bin Zayed Group, it’s perhaps necessary on this occasion.

Other journalists have also indicated talks are live and with more than one party, though some have withdrawn.  What is interesting however, is none of the journalists we’d be more inclined to respect and rely upon, George Caulkin (The Times), Luke Edwards (The Telegraph) for example have particularly gone large on this happening.

This has caused something of a vacuum and it is being filled by anything,no matter how lacking in substance to back it up.

A few weeks ago we were teed up for a big announcement on a forthcoming Fantastic Friday which came and went like a Flat Fart. This week we’ve been led to believe by some gadgie from the Middle East with 117K followers on Twitter who referred to sources and reports in the Middle East claiming the deal was done. There was supposed to be an announcement today on Wonderful Wednesday but well, today just looks like being …. Wednesday. Yours truly checked out A l Jazeera, Gulf News, The National and the BBC’s dedicated Middle East section and well, there was absolutely nothing there. But hey, there was loads of Arabic writing on that tweet, people said he was “respected” as well as a PL logo on his bio so a few gave this a bit more credence than perhaps they should have done.

Lots of people are reporting they are hearing this and that around United but none of it is substantial. Only Mike Ashley really knows if the club will be sold. There may be a deal to sell the club ready to press the buttons on but Ashley can change his mind at any time.

No-one knows what he’s thinking.

Or even where he is!