After months of silence a new statement from BZG, the group we’ve been told are working to takeover Newcastle United, has been made. It is interesting to note these statements come from the purchaser side and the club says absolutely nothing. We also note there is nothing from the second interested party either.

It is curious this statement appears to have been made via a radio DJ in the UAE. I’d have thought it might have gone more formally via Reuters or the Press Agency. A rum state of affairs so the usual caveats apply but you have to start wondering who we’re dealing with here given the style of doing things seems a wee bit well, unconventional if that’s the right description.

Both parties have worked diligently in finalising a deal, none more so than ourselves. We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process. Press claims of no bids or Premier League approval processes are simply untrue. The current owners have cooperated amicably throughout this process, and if a deal is not forthcoming, it will not be due to lack of effort from both parties.”

For what its worth, there is no-one who can confirm the Premier League has been contacted and it has not begun its Fit and Proper Person tests. So there appears to be a difference of opinion on that.

There is nothing positive in that statement to suggest a takeover is about to happen. In fact that statement has something of  a doleful, defeated air about it. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. The fact is the chances of  a takeover happening are way beyond the best time for it to happen with days clocking by of a narrower transfer window.

If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put money on any takeover happening and given the state of the club right now, that could have catastrophic consequences going into a season many of us are already dreading.

All down to one man – Mike Ashley.