There was a minority of complete racist and sectarian whoppers amongst the 3000 Mags in the away end at Easter Road on Tuesday night who have shamed the wider support and brought criticism from several sources. This report in The Scotsman newspaper covers how their behaviour was interpreted over the border – click here

It was reported – initially by TRUE FAITH’S Chris Shipman yesterday that some goons who have attached themselves to United sang songs in praise of Tommy Robinson, the far-right Islamaphobic criminal and Luton football hooligan who has done time for  fraud and is now in prison for other offences. Doubtless motivated by Hibernian FC’s Irish heritage these morons sang songs proposing to F**k The Pope and songs about the IRA. As Chris mentioned in his opinion some of them indulging in this idiocy weren’t even born when the Good Friday Agreement was signed and appear completely ignorant of the great tradition of Irish players coming to Newcastle United and serving the club with huge distinction – Bill McCracken, Tommy Casey, David Craig, Willie McFaul, Tommy Cassidy,  David McCreery, Mick Martin, Shay Given, Aaron Hughes and currently Ciaran Clark. There have also been many players of the Muslim faith who have served the club well in recent years – Demba Ba, Papiss Cisse, Hatem Ben Arfa and others. The club would be much the poorer if only white anglo-saxon protestants felt comfortable playing for it.

We know there were plenty of Mags in the away end on Tuesday night who felt a mixture of shame, embarrassment and discomfort at being associated with these cretins.

The incident brought criticism from Show Racism The Red Card:

“Tommy Robinson is a far-right and anti-Islam activist, currently serving another prison sentence for contempt of court. He is a divisive figure and Newcastle United fans should have nothing to do with this ‘hate preacher’. We do not want to see the club linked to racist individuals like Tommy Robinson. We are sure NUFC will monitor the situation in the future and make it clear it wants no links with Robinson or any other far-right individuals.”

Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah said in response ot Chris’ piece for TF:  “Absolutely right. When I’m watching in the Gallowgate end I want to focus on willing them to win – not dealing w this crap; Opinion: Songs glorifying Tommy Robinson don’t speak for Newcastle United fans”

Reporting abuse

If you experience or witness discrimination or feel threatened at St. James’ Park, please speak to your nearest steward or police officer. Alternatively, please text HELP followed by your seat location and details of the incident to 60070.

The enclosed details how an arsehole indulgling in racist abuse was dealt with by Newcastle United – click here