We’re not about to suggest any of this means anything big but we thought we’d let you in on some bits and pieces that have found their way to the TF rumour magnet.

Not for the first time in the last month, United employees have been reminded about the Non-Disclosure Agreements they have signed in order to keep any information regards the way the club is run under the current regime (absolutely appallingly) and ensure everything regards the takeover is kept locked in-house. Club employees have been warned they will face disciplinary measures should they be discovered to have broken the terms of their NDAs. We have previously told you about the Fans Forum members being asked not to make any public criticism of the club’s minging communications.

Interestingly, we have also been informed some staff have received sudden increases in salary which is thought to mean if they are made redundant their pay-off packages will be far more generous than if they were on the terms they have previously been on. We also understand the bonus payments paid to some staff have been brought forward from the end of July and will be paid at the end of June. There has been no explanation offered for this change.  You might remember in the last published statement of accounts, Lee Charnley’s salary was tripled to 300 grand per annum, him previously been one of the poorest paid executives within the top two division. Admittedly he is also one of the least competent and qualified.

We’ve also been told that Charnley has been in several meetings with accountants over the last fortnight which is far more than normal. Weirdly, we have learned that Charnley has been driving his own car into St James’ Park and then picking up a hire car before heading off to unknown venues to meet with persons unknown. This might be designed to prevent Charnley from being tracked by investigative journalists. That’s our speculation for the reason by the way.

United have also removed St James’ Hoildings Investments from the Companies House register.  This is the fifth company United have removed with others including Newcastle Strawberry Limited, Newcastle Star Limited, Newcastle West Development Limited and SJH Investment Limited also removed in what has been described as “corporate housekeeping“. All in the last week and no explanation has followed about why Charnley and United are doing this now. The company to keep an eye on is St James’ Holdings. Ashley is a director of this company and it is this one in which Newcastle United sits. When stuff happens with that we’ll know something might be going down.

Our contact is of the belief something will happen at the end of this month. What that is no-one is 100% sure.

The removal of the S****S D****T signage is not thought to signify anything meaningful in connection with the take-over. But you knew that already.

We’re not suggesting anything means anything at all but thought we’d share with you the gen that has come our way in regards to what is happening at SJP.