Whilst The Magpie Group is hosting the first public meeting for supporters following the news that Rafa Benitez has been manipulated out of Newcastle United, there are calls for action from other groups which have been active previously amongst the support. 

AshleyOut.com have issued a strongly worded statement calling for a boycott of all United games, merchandise and businesses owned by Mike Ashley. The full statement is as follows: 

“It was confirmed on Monday that Rafael Benitez and his backroom staff are to leave the club on 30th June 2019. No true Newcastle fan needs to be told what Rafa brought to this club and what he would’ve brought to the club in the future, if given the chance. No true Newcastle fan needs to be reminded who is to blame for the mess we are in. We have now suffered 12 years of Mike Ashley. Enough is enough. 

If fans want change and a future for the club then action must be taken. No more excuses. No more ‘wait and see’. No more sitting around hoping someone else will do something. From today, AshleyOut.com is urging all fans to participate in a full boycott of St. James’ Park, club merchandise and all businesses associated with the club until Mike Ashley leaves the club. The time for boycotts of individual games and for protests around the ground is over.

If you choose to turn up to St. James’ Park while Ashley owns the club you are welcome to do so. But pleading ignorance is no longer an option. You know the situation. Every seat filled is an endorsement of his ownership”.

There is further information detailing how a boycott of games can work – click here 

Another group of fans @ifrafagoeswego – who were influential in kick-starting protest action last season against Ashley’s ownership of the club has also called for boycotts of United games and released a 10-point statement explaining their thinking and which broadly echo the sentiments of AshleyOut.com – 

1. Do not renew Season Tickets

2. Do not attend matches at SJP

3. Do not buy club merchandise

4. Do not shop at S****s D****t

5. Do not support any parts of Ashley’s retail empire

6. Do join the @nufctrust and become an active and engaged member

7. Do attend @TheMagpieGroup_’s meetings and contribute to action when you can

8. Do follow @AshleyOutdotcom@LondonMagpies and @worflags – keep an eye on what the groups are doing

9. Do challenge the lies and propaganda that Ashley and his cronies spin. Don’t let them get away with it

10. Do make sure that people know what a disgusting person Ashley is and all about the shocking way he treats his staff and customers

The Magpie Group – The Labour Club, Leazes Park, Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Monday 1/Jul/2019, 7pm.