If there was anything that summed up the unity and positivity between supporters, players and managers it was the rapid growth in flag displays which have been such an eye catching feature at St James’ Park under the tenure of Rafa Benitez. They have enthused the players, manager and media alike. Indeed Newcastle United have taken to use imagery from the displays for its own marketing purposes. We Are United? I don’t think so any more.

The flags came about as an initiative through TRUE FAITH  who were central in forming the original Gallowgate Flags and fundamental to establishing the group’s credibility as well as lead funding drives that caught the imagination of supporters. As TF stepped back and the group became Wor Flags that work has expanded and been built upon through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers. They have established Newcastle United supporters as running the biggest, most imaginative and independent flags group anywhere in England. All bought and paid for from contributions of Newcastle United supporters. They have become the envy of the Premier League, much mimicked but never equalled.

The decision Wor Flags have made to pause their displays is a sad one but absolutely the correct one.

As has been stated many times – Mike Ashley really doesn’t understand what he’s got but unfortunately neither does he care.