Saturday’s lamentable defeat at the hands of Norwich at Carrow Road has resulted in some marvellous reportage from those who cover football in the NE for a living.

Leading the charge was Luke Edwards of The Telegraph who has surprised some supporters with his apparent pivot from someone in touch with the frustrations of the United support to well, something else. I think we preferred the 2018/19 Luke to this season’s version. Anyway, there was a generally negative response to Luke’s piece in  which terms such as “confirmation bias” are thrown around a wee bit recklessly. If you’ve missed Luke’s er, interesting article, its still available – click here Hands up all of you revelling in Bruce’s failures or perhaps just sickened by the predictability of it all.

Those who didn’t expect Bruce to  be much cop are now apparently being chided for being well, right on the strength of two games where the performances and results have been exactly as expected – the manager himself has conceded the players didn’t try a leg at Carrow Road and that he’s looking again at his tactics. For confirmation they aren’t mints kept in a little box.

Not that Luke has been the only one demanding more from the supporters. Veteran NE hack Ian Murtagh of The Daily Star has also been giving us all something of a pep talk about Rafa – who apparently had an austere way of dealing with players as opposed to Steve Bruce who is more “folksy”. That’s nice.

So, pull your socks up everyone, you know its the supporters of Newcastle United that make the big decisions round here. We’ve let everyone down by allowing the away trip to Liverpool drop to nil points for those who want to travel to Anfield. This growing apathy is nothing to do with the way the club is run or any of that. Its just us letting everyone down apparently. Oh well.

In better news, we’ve learnt that football genius Lee Charnley’s £40m signing from Hoffenheim will be fit for the trip to Spurs’ shiny new stadium this weekend. Other reports detail concern the coaching team might have about the Brazilian losing confidence after his side’s poor start and probably him missing that sitter at Norwich on Saturday. However, eagle eyed readers will remember the club boasting about its research into players’ personalities which will obviously include their resilience etc. So, nothing to worry about in regards to Lee Charnley’s £40m club record signing then.

His fellow club striker Muto however, has been reportedly less than impressed by the tactical game-plan employed by our folksy new manager:

“It was really hard. I felt isolated and I was always surrounded by three or four opponents. As a forward that was very tough and as a team, we struggled overall. When I was watching in the first half , I was expecting it to be difficult when I came on because Joelinton was struggling as well”. 

Speaking of strikers, Andy Carroll has been letting on about this and that. Apparently he is buzzing about getting back to United. Some of you might be cynical enough to believe this “news” was thrown out there as a diversion tactic from the club’s so-called media operation to divert attention from the looming crisis lapping around the shores of Newcastle United. Elsewhere in other reports Carroll reflects on his move to Liverpool in 2011 and not knowing much about his new team-mates so having to google them to find out about them as well as just turning up for training and not knowing who the club was playing that day. Bizarre.

We have also learnt that United has signed Ludwig Francillette – who “does not even have a Wikipedia page”. The shame, the shame, the shame. The 20-year-old defender has been signed for the U-23 Development squad set-up and hails from Guadeloupe. He has been signed on a permanent deal after trials.