Re-connecting supporters with Newcastle United: 

“That’s my biggest challenge. Can I try to repair that? Can I try to help in this situation? The only way I can do that is to get a few results and give them a team that they enjoy watching. That’s the only way of repairing it, if I possibly can. Whether that is possible, time will only tell. Absolutely, this club is at its best when it is united. The supporters were right behind Rafa. Given time, I hope (it’s the same). I’ve said many times, I know I’m not Rafa…

On Losing Streaks: 

“I do not think I will be entitled to that [patience], 10 or 11 games, [without a win] which he was afforded, there was not a murmur from the ground. I do not think I will have that luxury so I would like to win at Norwich, if I possibly can, then a nice easy one at Tottenham next week then at Liverpool two weeks later. But that is why I am here. To be in the Premier League and compete against big clubs. But I’ve never had it easy. I’ll work hard, have a go and won’t be frightened of anything. So a win and a good performance would settle everything down. A win without a performance would do.’

On taking criticism: 

“That is something I have come to understand very quickly and it is always going to be the case. Look at all the people around me here. It is quite unique. Unless you are one of the top six or seven clubs, I would not think many managers would be sat here on a Friday morning with this number of press. That is what makes it a great club – the huge interest in it. It is pretty much what I thought it would. Coming to manage Newcastle was never going to be easy, That’s for sure.  There was never a side to me that thought, ‘Oh no, I do not want that’. I could just have stayed where I was. And it would have been quite easy to do that. I understand the big interest that makes this club unique. There is no club like this that has the interest what the Geordie people have towards their club. It is getting over the disappointment of getting beaten, but we know that is going to happen in the Premier League. It is important I keep myself on an even keel and try not to beat myself up too much, nor get carried away too much because it will kick you in the arse.”

On best wishes: 

“I can’t speak for all of them but those I’ve met have come up and shook my hand and wished me luck. They accept I’m not Rafa Benitez but they want to help me if they can.”

On players not knowing their positions after substitutions as per Arsenal: 

‘I put Jetro on in midfield, where he played all last season for Frankfurt, and then I very quickly thought, “Do you know something? That’s a bit unfair on him. Maybe I should have done it beforehand. It’s a bit unfair on him because he’s making his debut and (I thought), “I will put him on in his favoured position”, so I switched him very, very quickly. We’ve made a mistake, but he wasn’t the only one who made a mistake in the build-up to the goal.’ 

On players surplus to requirements and team selections: 

“Management is hard because there was one or two. The boy Murphy scores after two minutes on his debut last week. Jack Colback I’ve known a long, long time. Ash Lazaar played for me and Rolando played for me but we have to pick 25 so I hope they can get fixed up – I really do – in the next two, three weeks. There’s a few windows still open but it’s always difficult. Today, I have to leave two who have not travelled so I always have to make a decision. It’s them decisions that you ultimately get judged on. I hope I’ve made the right one. 

On The Transfer Window

 “It’s ludicrous that all of Europe’s still open, that’s for sure. I think we have to do something about that. If we’re going to shut the window, then all of Europe has to shut because some clubs are going to have to sell a player they maybe don’t want to and can’t add to it.”

On Norwich: 

“It would settle everybody down if we could get a nice positive result at Norwich. “But I do believe we’ll get better as we go on. The more time I have with the players, the better we’ll be.”

“We think Jonjo Shelvey is going to be OK. He trained yesterday and the day before. We’ve got a slight doubt about Allan Saint-Maximin, who has a hamstring problem. We’ll see how he is today but apart from that, we’re as we were. It’s never going to be easy. I think only Manchester City scored more goals than them last year. Their philosophy is ‘we’ll always score more than you’ if you like. Like any promoted team, everybody’s going to be excited and Norwich haven’t been there for a few years so it’s going to be difficult. Then again, the Premier League is always difficult. They were very different to a lot of teams in the Championship last year and ran away with it from the amount of goals they scored. We know what they are about and I don’t think they’re going to change. I think that’s the philosophy of the way the manager wants to play so one of the things we’re going to have to do is defend well but when they play that certain way, can we exploit them if we possibly can. Any game you’re in, the one thing you need to have is a mentality that you have to try and win. If you just go down there and think we’ve got to defend well and not do something the other way, I think that would be wrong. We need to have that belief that we can go there and get a result. It took us a long time to get started last year so it would be wonderful to nick a result. We didn’t win until November so it will be vitally important if we can get a few results. Let’s hope we can get up and running tomorrow.”

On his career at Norwich: 

“There’s always a connection but I’ll always be extremely grateful to Norwich. They gave me my opportunity when I played in the lower divisions for years. I didn’t think I was going to get out of them. They gave me a big break to go and play in the mid-eighties. It was a long time ago but happy memories. I thought for long periods in my career, I was going to end up playing in the lower divisions and Norwich gave me a chance. I played alongside Chris Woods, Dave Watson, Asa Hartford, Mick Channon, John Deehan and Keith Bertschin. We had a very decent team and we won a cup in 1985, which is the only cup they’ve ever won. To be a part of it, it was a long time ago but I’ll always be grateful.”