Peter Beardsley who is no longer at Newcastle United as U-23 coach after leaving following a 14-month investigation into allegations of bullying and racism could learn this week if he is to face a ban as a result of the FA’s own proceedings. United has not made public its investigation into Beardsley but the FA charged Beardsley with using racist and abuse language to players back in March. This was the charge:

“It is alleged Mr Beardsley used abusive and/or insulting words towards Newcastle United Under-23 players, whilst employed as their coach. It is further alleged these words also constituted an ‘aggravated breach’ as they included reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race and/or nationality.” There are alleged to be three breaches of Rule E3.

Beardsley’s hearing is scheduled for this week. It is reported that those who made the allegations may be be required to appear at the hearing reported to be at Wembley Stadium. It has been previously been reported tyhat Beardsley’s coaching style served to be destructive to the confidence and self-esteem of young players at the academy.

Beardsley has consistently denied the allegations against him: “I’m not a bully and I’m not a racist. I know what I am and everybody who knows me, my family, my friends, knows what I am. I’m comfortable with what I am. It is what it is, I’m just ready to move on.”

This is the second case of bullying which has been brought against Beardsley he having been exonerated from earlier allegations some years ago. Although Beardsley is widely regarded by many supporters as the best player they have seen in a Black & White shirt he became unpopular for his bullish defence of Mike Ashley in talk-ins around the NE.