For those of a certain persuasion, there is news today that Mike Ashley’s minging S****s D****t company has tanked a whole load of money.

The enclosed report from This Is Moneyclick here reports that shares in S****s D****t have fallen by 15% and Ashley has delayed the publication of his company’s accounts. Shares are now trading at 2.20 – massively down on what they were sold in 2007 – at 3.00. Stop laughing. Oh no, go on then.

The reason for the collapse in share price is said to be related to the Ashley move into House of Fraser.

How this impacts upon Newcastle United of course remains to be seen. Not that he has ever put money into United of course. However, the next accounts might reveal how much he has had off from the club to pay down his loan given he took 33 millions last year.

Why wouldn’t he take the same or more this year?